Darrel Samuels

Darrel Samuels

Graduate Year/Degree

1971: BA English U.C. Davis, 1978: MA Education U.C. Davis

Prior Position/Company

Teacher: Fairfield, CA; extension instructor U.C. Davis

Current Job/Volunteer Activities

ASPIRE program at Mazama High School, Board member, Klamath Basin Audubon Society

Serves as: (Oregon Tech Foundation Committees)

Scholarship Committee

Why it is important to me to be involved with the Oregon Tech Foundation

Since moving to Klamath Falls about 10 years ago I have learned more about Oregon Tech each year and attended several showcases and tours and met several faculty. I am particularly impressed with the collaborative and hands-on approach taken by Oregon Tech faculty and with the overall success of the university. For the last two years my wife and I have funded several scholarships to help deserving students pursue their degrees. With the cost of education these days it is vitally important that the Oregon Tech Foundation does its best to support deserving students.