James DeHoog

James DeHoog

Graduate Year/Degree

1994, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Oregon Tech


President – Arctic Engineering, LTD. and Subsidiary Spidell and Associates
Vice President – All-Pro Fleet Services, Inc. – Richard Petty Fleet Services
Corporate Trainer, Fleet Services International
Real Estate Investor and Member / Manager of Numerous Real Estate Holding Companies

Prior Position/Company

President and Consultant, ETS, Inc.
Member and Owner – ETR, LLC.
President – Asbury Park Investors, LLC.
President and Advisory Board Member – Oregon Tech Alumni Association
Senior Plant Engineer – Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc.
PM Engineer – Roseburg Forest Products Co.

Volunteer Activities

Oregon Tech Foundation
O.I.T. President's Advisory Council
City of Grants Pass Budget Committee
Pro-Club, Inc. – President

Why it is important to me to be involved with the Oregon Tech Foundation

My parents had four children and three of them attended Oregon Tech. Oregon Tech has served me and my family well, and I want to be part of making Oregon Tech standing strong, like a Douglas Fir tree, 100 years from now.

Tragically, we lost my sister while she was attending Oregon Tech. I guess a lot of my passion being involved in Oregon Tech the last number of years was due to my desire to be able to endow a scholarship in her name with our family's support and watch those funds allow someone else to earn their respective degree and make the world a better place for themselves, their family, and children with the skills and degree that they had earned from Oregon Tech.

I feel that we need to be focused on making Oregon Tech available to those who may not have been able to attend college on their own, but with the Foundation’s resources, are able to attend one of our campuses, leave and make the world a better place with what they have achieved at Oregon Tech.