Student & Faculty Innovation Fund

The Student and Faculty Innovation Fund inspires innovative thinking that can deliver impactful outcomes. At Oregon Tech, multidisciplinary projects, industry focused externships and applied experiential learning opportunities create a student-centered ecosystem which helps build collaborative skills and introduce students to alumni and industry partners.

In this unique setting, students have the opportunity to fail in a safe environment as they develop the skills to discover inventive, practical solutions to real-world problems. The Student and Faculty Innovation Fund provides immediate, flexible resources for investment as exciting opportunities arise among students and faculty.

At Oregon Tech, we are proud of our exceptional track record educating career-ready graduates valued by industry, who are prepared to answer the technology and workforce needs of the future. Our success is built upon strong relationships with industry, and a commitment to being nimble in the pursuit of innovative ideas, programs and projects. The Faculty & Staff Innovation Fund inspires the brand of big thinking which paved the way for us to be national leaders in the creation of degrees in areas like renewable energy, nuclear medicine, and population health management. Additionally, this commitment to explore what is possible, lead to our hosting of the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, creation of the Cyber Defense Center and Oregon Renewable Energy Center and our expansion in Portland Metro area.

It is this entrepreneurial spirit which continues to inspire students and faculty to take their great ideas and innovative work to a national and international level, like those who compete in academic competitions including, Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, Baja, Formula 1, Engineers without Borders and many others. Investments will be made in areas key to the realization of our vision to become Industry’s University, with an emphasis on those which will provide the greatest return to students, faculty, university and external partners:

  • Oregon Tech Reputation: garnering national and international recognition of Oregon Tech students and faculty;
  • Big Ideas: Innovative ideas with potential to solve big problems;
  • Network Building: Projects and programs which expand and strengthen our relationship with external partners; and
  • Applied Undergraduate & Graduate Research: Applied Research which brings support and recognition to the university, builds relationships with funders and strengthens the student experience.


97% Funded
$3,875,000 Raised