Oregon Tech Athlete

An Oregon Tech athlete can come in any size, shape or color. There is no common denominator except a love for the game and a desire to get the most out of their abilities. They are not only proud of their strengths, but understand their weaknesses. They are first of all concerned with the good of the team and know that individual recognition will come through team excellence.

An Oregon Tech athlete has the enthusiasm of an evangelist, the discipline of a monk, the heart of a warrior, and never loses the honesty and character of a small child.

An Oregon Tech athlete appreciates the support of hundreds of fans, but is much more aware of the example they are setting for some small child watching from the sidelines. They are happy when they score, but never forget that teammates helped them reach the moment. While they never let up on offence or defense, the other team is not the real opponent; it is the full extent of their own potential that they are always playing against.

An Oregon Tech athlete defends as if life depended on it, dives for loose balls, and isn’t afraid to sacrifice their body for the team; they would expect nothing less of themselves. They let the referees, with occasional assistance from the coach, do the officiating.

An Oregon Tech athlete is made and not born. They are constantly striving to reach potential, knowing that they will bypass other athletes who cannot withstand the strain of this quest for excellence. They realize that the challenges and competition of today’s game will better prepare them for tomorrow’s world. They know that the true measure of performance is not recorded in wins and losses, but how much of themselves they have given to the game.

An Oregon Tech athlete never realizes when the odds are stacked against them; they can only be defeated by a clock that happens to run out of time. They are what a small child wants to become and what an older person can remember with great pride that they once were.