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Facilities Management Services

Emergency Numbers, Work Orders & Key Requests

Emergency Numbers

  • Facilities Services Front Office 541-885-1690
  • Maintenance Supervisor 541-885-1693
  • Custodial Supervisor 541-885-1695
  • Grounds Supervisor 541-885-1740
  • Business Manager 541-885-1682
  • Project and Planning Manager 541-885-1661
  • Director of Facilities Management and Capital Planning 541-885-1661
  • For after-hours problems please call Campus Safety at 541-885-1111
  • For serious or life threatening emergencies please call 911

We encourage Faculty & Staff (if you are a student, please have your instructor enter your request) to use the online work order system whenever possible. Although, there are times when situations arise that need immediate attention. In those cases please call the Facilities Services office at 541-885-1690 immediately. For after-hours emergencies call Campus Safety at 541.885.0911.

Billable Work Order Services

Facilities Services is budgeted for “Base Building” maintenance only. This includes the maintenance required to offer general instruction or services by providing; heating, cooling, lighting, 120 volt power, desks, tables, chairs, file cabinets, whiteboards and as needed floor; window, wall coverings and paint. It also includes; landscaping, snow removal, exterior lighting, door locks and hardware, custodial services, roofs, elevators, and fire alarm and energy management systems.

Other special maintenance tasks called “Departmentally Specific” are billable to the appropriate department. Departmentally specific items include; additional electrical power (above 120volt, 20amps), water supplies, special filtration, additional drainage, vacuum systems, gas systems, special lighting, heating, cooling, flooring, furniture, etc. Work requests for Departmentally Specific items are funded by the requester and require a valid index code before processing. Billable services performed by Facilities Services are billed on an at-cost basis. Labor and materials are tracked and billed through a work order module in our Work Order System.

Work Order Estimates

Estimates may be requested on the work request form and are typically provided at no cost.

With few exceptions, reimbursable work is billed on an at-cost basis, not on a fixed-price basis. Estimates are just that - an approximation of the cost. Typically a 10% contingency is included in the estimate for unforeseen costs.

Work Order Scheduling

Work Requests are prioritized using the following criteria:

  1. Clear and present safety issues first
  2. Largest number of students affected next
  3. Largest number of staff affected next
  4. After this, work requests are processed in the order in which they are received

Normally the Facilities Services workload is more intense during the holidays and spring and summer breaks because they perform work in areas difficult to access during active sessions.

Hiring Contractors for Facility Work

All facility work and alterations require review by the Facilities Services Department to ensure compliance with applicable building and safety codes and the maintenance of space inventory records.

Facilities Service will recommend the use of in-house labor or contracted services. Contracted Services are obtained by contacting the Office of Procurement at 503-821-1277. Facilities Services can assist in the preparation of information required by the Office of Procurement.

Key Requests

When completing a key requests, please obtain the required approvals and include all the rooms (by number) you need to access.