Facilities Management Services

Helpful Reminders

Fed Ex

Fed Ex letters & packages need to be in our possession by 1:00 PM.


UPS shipments need to be in our possession no later than 3:00 PM.

UPS ground shipments sent to destinations along the Interstate 5 Corridor arrive the next business day.

International Shipments

International shipments that are not documents need three copies of a commercial invoice for customs.


  • Incoming overnight/next day shipments may be delayed due to fog.
  • If you are expecting a large shipment, please notify receiving, as warehouse space is limited.
  • RA/RMA (return authorization numbers) do not mean that return shipping charges are paid for. These numbers are for the vendors use, so they will know why that package was sent back.
  • Most shippers will not deliver to P.O. boxes. This includes UPS and Fed Ex.
  • ALL shipments (with the exceptions of Food Service & The Tech Nest) come to Receiving. Shippers will not pick-up and deliver at your site.