Building Managers

Building Managers Policy OIT-50-030: Responsibility for coordinating the safety, maintenance, and security functions of each building on the OIT campus shall be vested in a building manager. This will provide a single authority in each building to deal with the various concerned campus agencies (i.e., Facilities Services, Campus Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, Emergency Management) and to coordinate work orders, maintenance, safety inspections, emergency responses and building security. Control of these functional areas by one manager in each building provides a single manager to prioritize work efforts and a single point of contact for residents and occupants of that building.

Athletics Fitness Center John Van Dyke  Greg Stewart 
Boivin Hall  Barb Metcalf  Tony Richey 
College Union  Shellie Wilson  Paul Budden 
Cornett Hall  Ed Daniels  Sherry Himelwright 
Facilities Services  James Lake  Vacant
Integrated Student Health Center  Gaylyn Maurer  Brandy Hunter 
Learning Resource Center  Jeannette Wessel  Aja Bettencourt-McCarthy 
Martha Anne Dow Center  Bonnie Rodriguez  Ronda Keating 
Owens Hall  Eileen Mudgett  Christy Leventon 
Purvine Hall  Conrad Veen  Jamie Powell 
Residence Hall and Village  Mandi Clark  Brady Smith 
Semon Hall  Alicia Jones  Lisa Leonard 
Snell Hall  Nellie Stewart  Ben Kintner