Departmental Onboarding


Congratulations on hiring your new employee! As a supervisor, it is your privilege to help welcome your new employee to Oregon Tech! The first step in retaining a new employee is onboarding. 

Onboarding is a time when new employees learn and develop perceptions about Oregon Tech, other employees, their job, responsibilities, and their supervisors. Successful onboarding providing the framework necessary to help employees become productive and confident as soon as possible.

The Office of Human Resources has developed the following resources to support the onboarding process. The resources help promote and guide the onboarding process by providing tools, resources, and information necessary to welcome, direct, and train new employees. They are designed to complement existing departmental onboarding processes. Department-specific onboarding processes are strongly encouraged as these resources do not cover departmental or job specific needs, such as an orientation into a specific position.

Oregon Tech new employee onboarding is a two-part approach to onboarding and developing new employees. Both parts of the onboarding are important for the employees’ successful transition into the Oregon Tech campus community and culture. A well-planned and executed onboarding will result in a better understanding of what is expected of the employees, supervisors, departments, and University.

Office of Human Resources
The Office of Human Resources oversees new employee paperwork, a new employee orientation overview, and new benefits orientation for benefits eligible employees. These resources are in HEROES. Please see the Orientations for New Employees section below for additional information.

The department or area where the employees will be working oversees introductions to coworkers, job duties, the expectations of the area and department, and to a mentor if one is assigned.Supervisors and managers, or someone in the department on their behalf, should develop a schedule for new employee activities (e.g. obtaining keys and ID card, meeting with HR) and training. This structure will provide the new employee with a sense of what activities to expect during their first day, week, and/or months in their new position.

Onboarding Toolkit

Onboarding Training for Supervisors

This Onboarding Overview for Supervisors presentation covers the Oregon Tech onboarding process and topics as well as provides instructions on how to log into and navigate the HEROES onboarding module.

Review the Office of Workplace Learning (O.W.L.) calendar for upcoming training related to onboarding new employees.

Why is Onboarding Important?

-Decreased turnover
-Decreased anxiety
-Decreased recruiting and training costs
-Increased productivity
-Increased employee moral
-Increased positive employee commitment

Goals and Objective of Onboarding

-Welcome new employees to Oregon Tech and ensure they feel as if they are a part of the campus community
-Introduce Oregon Tech's history, traditions, and structure
-Support Oregon Tech's core values, mission, and vision statement
-Show the importance of each employee’s work and how it supports the goals and values of his or her college and/or department within Oregon Tech
-Answer employee questions
-Introduce and explain policies and procedures
-Provide an opportunity to complete necessary paperwork
-Provide information on employee benefits and incentives

Relieve employee anxiety while helping him or her become productive

Form a basis for a long-term, positive, and mutually beneficial working relationship

Onboarding Checklists

These checklists are routed to new employees and their supervisors through HEROES onboarding.

Onboarding checklists provide supervisors with a roadmap for onboarding new employees and new employees with an overview of what they might expect during their first year at Oregon Tech.
Checklist for Supervisors

Checklists for Employees
Administrative, Benefits Eligible
Administrative, Non-Benefits Eligible
Classified, Benefits Eligible
Classified, Non-Benefits Eligible
Faculty, Benefits-Eligible
Faculty, Non-Benefits Eligible

Orientations for New Employees

All new employees are provided with Oregon Tech's New Employee Orientation (NEO) through HEROES onboarding. It is a required onboarding activity for new employees. This orientation can be provided in an alternative format upon request. Please assist new employees with questions they may have regarding this presentation or connect them with contacts on campus. If you are unsure of whom to connect a new employee with, please contact the Office of Human Resources and we will be happy to assist.

Benefits eligible employees must complete the New Benefits Orientation or NBO in HEROES or in person within the first 30 days of employment. New Benefits Orientation is mandatory for benefits eligible employees. Benefits are typically effective the first of the month following their date of hire. If a new employee starts near the end of the month, please contact the Office of Human Resources to schedule an individual NBO.

This year's in-person group NBO schedule is on the Office of Workplace Learning (O.W.L.) calendar at this link. All scheduled NBOs will be held in the Diamond Peak Lounge and will be simultaneously available via Skype.

Please forward questions about benefits to the Office of Human Resources.


Harmony Stobaugh, HR Consultant


Sandi Hanan, Assistant Director