New Employee Resources

You've accepted a position at Oregon Tech, worked with your future department to determine a start date, and maybe have even started planning a move to be near an Oregon Tech campus. 

So what's next?

Onboarding. What is onboarding? Onboarding is the process during which new employees learn and develop perceptions about Oregon Tech, other employees, their job, responsibilities, and their supervisors, providing the framework necessary to help employees become productive and confident as soon as possible.

Onboarding typically encompasses your first year to year-and-a-half in a new job so remember to be patient with yourself as you learn and to ask any questions you may have. Onboarding is the first step to being successful in your new position at Oregon Tech.

The resources available below and throughout the Oregon Tech and Office of Human Resources websites contain information and resources that will help to orient you to Oregon Tech and ensure that your onboarding process is smooth. 

Before You Arrive


New Employee Orientation or NEO is available through HEROES onboarding. It is a required onboarding activity for new employees. This orientation can be provided in an alternative format upon request.

Benefits Orientation is mandatory for benefits eligible employees. The New Benefits Orientation or NBO is available through HEROES onboarding. If you are being hired into a benefits eligible position, complete NBO within the first 30 days of employment to ensure you have enough time and information to enroll in benefits. Live Benefits Orientations are available each month in person and via Skype. Please visit the Important Dates calendar for upcoming sessions. If you are unsure about your benefits eligibility, contact the Office of Human Resources at or 541.885.1028.

New Employee Onboarding Checklists

You will receive (or may have already received) a New Employee Onboarding checklist from our onboarding system. This checklist will provide you with a road map of what to expect throughout your first year at Oregon Tech. Make sure to keep a copy handy to help keep your onboarding on track and to help you develop questions throughout your first year at Oregon Tech.

Can't find your checklist, haven't received it, or just want a sneak peek? Not a problem! Download it from the appropriate link below? 

Not sure which checklist is the correct one? Give the Office of Human Resources a call at 541.885.1278 or 541.885.1074 and we'll be happy to help you download the right checklist.

Benefits Eligible

Non-Benefits Eligible

New Employee Paperwork

As a new employee at Oregon Tech, you will be sent an email with a link to Oregon Tech's electronic onboarding system (we call it HEROES) to the email address provided in your application. Through the electronic onboarding process you will be able to safely and securely complete and submit your new hire paperwork electronically to Oregon Tech's Office of Human Resources. HEROES can be accessed through a personal computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet or other internet-connected device

If you do not have access to a personal computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet, or other internet-connected device, public access computers are available through the Klamath County Library Service District, Wilsonville Public Library, and other public library and resource locations. Community members are welcome to use computers and the internet through the Oregon Tech Libraries. New employees hired to work on the Klamath Falls campus are welcome to utilize the Office of Human Resources' kiosk in Snell Hall. Just give us a call at 541.885.1278 or 541.885.1074 and we'll set up a date and time for you to use the kiosk.

Being a Hustlin' Owl

We're proud to be Hustlin' Owls at Oregon Tech! Review the links below to learn more about your new campus community.

About Oregon Tech
Administrative Council
Faculty Senate
New Faculty Resources
Owl Community

Parking Permits

Employees of Oregon Tech who drive a vehicle to campus must purchase and display a valid parking permit.

Parking Services offers annual permits for those who will drive daily and term permits for those who will only drive during a specific term. View permit rates, parking maps, and purchase a permit by visiting Parking Services webpage. Permits for the Klamath Falls campus typically can be purchased about 5-10 days after your start work.

As a new employee, the Office of Human Resources will provide you with a temporary parking permit for your first two weeks at Oregon Teh.


Oregon Tech is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. For information about requesting a disability accommodation, please visit the Reasonable Accommodation webpage.

After You Arrive

Welcome to your first day, week, month, and year at Oregon Tech! We're excited that you have joined the Oregon Tech community.

Hang onto that new employee onboarding checklist. It's a valuable resource and will help you anticipate activities throughout the year. As we indicated above in the New Employee Onboarding Checklists section, additional copies are available for download as needed.

International Employees

Upon arrival, please check in with the Office of Human Resources at 541.885.1074.

User Account and Password

Oregon Tech employees will be assigned a User Account and a temporary password by Information Technology Services (ITS). Your User Account is what you will use to access computers, MyOIT, Banner, email, and a variety of other Oregon Tech accounts.

Your and/or your supervisor will be provided your user name and a temporary password once your account is set up.

Questions and Concerns

Not sure of whom to contact on campus or have a concern? We recommend you first contact your supervisor or departmental contact.

Still not sure or not comfortable asking your supervisor or department contact? The Oregon Tech community is available to help! Oregon Tech has a robust website so we recommend typing keywords for your question/concern into the search bar available on every Oregon Tech webpage. This is likely the fastest way to find contact information for your question/concern (fastest after asking your supervisor or departmental contact).

Web not helpful? Contact the Office of Human Resources. We are happy to help however we can!