Candidate Experience


Ensuring candidates have a positive recruitment experience at Oregon Tech is an essential part of attracting and retaining top performers. 

The recruitment experience can influence the individual’s perception of Oregon Tech and our work environment. A candidate's positive experience helps ensure Oregon Tech maintains a competitive edge in attracting, retaining, and engaging top performers.

Below are resources and tools to assist search committees and departments develop a positive recruitment process.

First, download the interview checklists: 

Candidate Experience Resources


-Think about the small details in interactions with candidates. Sometimes the smallest detail can mean the most.
-Creating a positive candidate experience is a crucial step in Oregon Tech’s recruitment process. Get out the “golden carpet” for each candidate.
-Walk in the candidate’s shoes – what would you like to experience as a prospective employee?

Screening (Phone or Skype) Interviews

The screening interview is the initial interview, often conducted by telephone on the initial "long-list" of top applicants. 

Screening interviews are generally short conversations (15-45 minutes). They should be conducted by the entire search committee.

All interview processes must be similar in structure and format. Example: If the candidate pool includes a local applicant who could be interviewed in person, but other applicants are outside of the local area, then all screening interviews should be conducted by telephone.
Screening Interview Checklist
Screening Interview Confirmation Sample Email
Interview Note Taking Template
Sample Interview Questions

On-site (Campus) Interviews

Once the applicant pool has been narrowed to the "short-list", the recruitment panel should invite these top applicants for an on-site or campus visit. This is a vital step in the search process.

The on-site visit may include a formal interview with recruitment panel, lunch or dinner with the applicant, campus tour, meetings with special interest groups etc.

During their visit, applicants will be evaluating Oregon Tech to determine if the university is a good fit for them, just as the search committee is evaluating the applicant. An applicant’s early impressions of the university play a major role in their decision-making process.

All interview processes must be similar in structure and format. Example: If the recruitment panel takes one applicant to lunch, then the same should be done for every applicant.
On-Site Interview Checklist
On-Site Interview Offer Sample Script - coming soon!
On-Site Interview Confirmation and Agenda/Itinerary Sample Email
Interview Notes Template
Sample Interview Questions

After Interviews

Candidate Evaluation Form (Open Forum)
Faculty Interview Feedback Form
Strengths and Weaknesses Template
Contacting On-Site Interview Candidates that were Not Selected - coming soon!

The Candidate Experience Tool Kit is a new resource at Oregon Tech. Resources, templates, tools, and related information and items will evolve over time based on University needs and feedback.