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Office of Workplace Learning

The Office of Workplace Learning (O.W.L.) is committed to helping our faculty and staff to cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary for success by providing numerous professional learning opportunities. A well-equipped workforce is essential to best serve the needs of our organizations and our community.

The O.W.L. provides employees with engaging and effective individual growth and professional development opportunities that focus on building and enhancing core competencies and strategic workplace skills by providing learning opportunities and programs designed to provide experiences and insight that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Whether you are just beginning your career with Oregon Tech, have recently taken on new responsibilities, need to learn new skills, or are seeking opportunities to expand the overall depth and breadth of your professional knowledge, the O.W.L. and Oregon Tech partner courses can help you achieve your goals.


2018-19 Registration Available Soon!


Featured Learning Program

The Oregon Tech Supervisory Excellence series consists of courses that thoroughly explore issues of supervision and management. The six course Core module is strongly recommended for Oregon Tech supervisors and managers.Other employees who have an interest in learning what we teach supervisors and those who wish to develop their own skills for professional growth and potential promotion opportunities are encouraged to attend as well.

For more information about the Supervisory Excellence series, visit the Learning Programs page. Sessions for the 2017-18 training year are located on the O.W.L. Calendar and in the Supervisory Excellence flyer at this Supervisory Excellence Flyer.


The Office of Workplace Learning is a new unit at Oregon Tech. Programs, formats, offerings, and related-information and items will evolve over time based on University needs and feedback from participants to ensure that employee are provided with engaging and effective individual growth and professional development opportunities.