O.W.L. Learning Programs

The Office of Human Resource coordinates live, Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT) to the Oregon Tech employee community. Many of the courses are conveniently grouped within Learning Programs to target specific needs and interests of employees. Based on career development goals and professional responsibilities, employees may choose to attend selected courses within a group or to complete the entire series.

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​Oregon Tech Required Training

Target Audience: All Oregon Tech employees

Most Oregon Tech Required Trainings must be completed within 90 days of hire, or at the time the position responsibilities have changed. All trainings are in-person unless otherwise specified. As session format and technology allow, sessions will be available live to all Oregon Tech locations via Skype.

-Discrimination & Harassment In the Workplace
-FERPA Training (for specific positions)
-Procurement Card (P-Card) Training (for specific positions)
-Safety Training (for specific positions)

Oregon Tech Employee Essentials

Target Audience: All Oregon Tech employees

Every fulfilling career should involve both personal and professional growth and satisfaction. At Oregon Tech, we have training and professional development resources to help us engage, learn, and thrive within our workplace. We are committed to providing a professional work environment and developing a knowledgeable workforce that delivers quality service. The Oregon Tech Employee Essentials training opportunities provide tools to help the Oregon Tech community perform at its best. As session format and technology allows, sessions will be available live to all Oregon Tech locations via Skype.

-Active Shooter Self-Defense 
-Benefits Orientation
-Change Management Foundations (online) 
-Communication Foundations (online)
-Customer Service Foundations (online) 
-HEROES System Trainings
-Managing Teams (online)
-New Employee Orientation (online) 
-Project Management Foundations (online) 
-Search Committee Best Practices 
-Work/Life Balance (online)

Supervisory Excellence

Target Audience:  New and Current Supervisors and Managers

Oregon Tech recognizes the significant role front-line supervisors play in the quality of work, level of productivity, and work attitude of the employees they supervise. Therefore, effective supervisory training is linked to the success of the university.

The Oregon Tech Supervisory Excellence series consists of courses that thoroughly explore issues of supervision and management. It is comprised of online courses, Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT), interactive practicums, and round-table discussions. This blended learning approach will give participants the opportunity to practice the hands-on skills needed to be successful by applying specific learning objectives to hypothetical case studies drawn from the workplace in a collaborative learning environment. Supervisory Excellence is an annual series that runs from October to September. Courses do not need to be completed in any particular order.

The six course Core module is strongly recommended for Oregon Tech supervisors and managers.Other employees who have an interest in learning what we teach supervisors and those who wish to develop their own skills for professional growth and potential promotion opportunities are encouraged to attend as well. Enrollment preference will be given to new and current supervisors and managers for instructor led courses, interactive practicums, and round-table discussions. 

-Corrective Action and Discipline
-Developing Position Descriptions, Expectations, and Annual Reviews
-Onboarding New Employees and Managing the Employee Exit Process
-Staff Recruitment Basics
-Understanding and Managing Employee Leaves
-Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

-Conflict Management
-Labor Relations Management
-Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisor/Manager
-Supervising Hourly Employees (Student and Temps)
-Supervisor as Leader and Motivator

Build the Bench

Target Audience: Employees aspiring to Oregon Tech leadership positions

The Build the Bench training series is designed for employees interested in exploring leadership principles and managerial practices that can help achieve optimal outcomes in that employee’s sphere of influence. 

Build the Bench is comprised of online courses and Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT). This blended learning approach allows participants to engage with trainers and fellow participants, which enriches the learning process. Build the Bench is an annual series that runs from October to September. Courses are offered throughout the year. Courses do not need to be completed in any particular order.

If you are interested in joining a network of emerging informal leaders, adding knowledge and supervisory skills to your professional portfolio, and exploring a foundation for career development in a managerial position, join your colleagues in this engaging series.

As session format and technology allow, instructor led sessions will be available live to all Oregon Tech locations via Skype.

Leadership Excellence

Target Audience:  New/Current Faculty Chairs and Directors of Academic Units, New/Current Directors of Administrative Units

The Leadership Excellence series is designed to address the needs of current and experienced faculty leaders and administrators.

The Office of Human Resources collaborates with the Office of the Provost, university leadership, learning partners, and Oregon Tech experts to develop and coordinate professional development in topics such as strategic management, employee performance, personnel challenges, recruitment, fiscal management, leadership and communication. Leadership Excellence is an annual series that will run from October to September. Courses will be offered throughout the year once developed. Courses do not need to be completed in any particular order.

As session format and technology allow, workshops and instructor led sessions will be available live to all Oregon Tech locations via Skype.

Excellence in Leadership
Presentation slides and handouts from the Excellence in Leadership training on March 23, 2018 are located on this page.

Faculty Excellence

Target Audience: Tenured, Tenure-Track, Non-Tenure, Adjunct, and Emerging Faculty

In partnership with the Office of the Provost, the Commission on College Teaching (CCT), Faculty Senate, and other Oregon Tech faculty work groups, committees, councils and commissions, the Office of Human Resources is excited to have the opportunity to promote learning opportunities for Oregon Tech’s faculty.

Oregon Tech is committed to assisting faculty in developing their professional career. Faculty Excellence programs strive to promote ongoing professional development to ensure long term plans for professional success. 

These opportunities will provide faculty (including tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure, adjunct, and emerging faculty) with learning opportunities that foster and support their success at Oregon Tech in teaching, creative works, research, and service and to work with other units and offices to accomplish faculty members’ goals. 

Learning opportunities provided are based on best practices for effective faculty professional development. Some characteristics of the learning opportunities may include:

-Improve learning with creative works based practices
-Model sound instructional design
-Invite scholarly activity and formalized inquiry
-Enhance collective commitment to educational excellence
-Promote vitality among faculty 
-Foster an institutional climate that reinforces excellence in teaching and learning in the service of student success

Opportunities are include engaging seminars, workshops, faculty learning communities, and conferences that address a wide range of topics. Topics for learning opportunities will be determined based on faculty interest as reported by work groups, Oregon Tech committees, surveys, and other feedback methods.

For more information, please visit the Commission on College Teaching (CCTwebsite.


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