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Active Shooter Self-Defense
Offered by Campus Safety, the Active Shooter Self-Defense provides informational presentations and hands-on scenarios. For upcoming sessions, visit the Campus Safety site.


Benefits Orientation

Regularly scheduled monthly sessions are conducted for employees who are new hires and/or newly eligible for benefits. These sessions provide an overview of health and retirement benefits and an understanding of Oregon Tech resources and services available to assist employees. During the month of October, multiple sessions will be held to provide employees assistance with open enrollment.

Book Club – Under Development

Facilitated book clubs will be offered throughout the year. Book club provides Book Club members the opportunity to collectively select and read a book tied to a professional development topic of interest.  Regularly scheduled, facilitated discussion meetings take place in which each employee will lead the discussion for their assigned chapter(s).  Each book club is structured toward personal and professional growth.


Cascade Centers EAP Trainings, Support, and Services | Tool Kit

Cascade Centers - our employee assistance program (EAP) - provides numerous trainings, supports, and services. Check out their Tool Kit (linked above) for information on trainings and services related to finance/legal, communication, change, career development, parenting and family, wellness, and more.

Change Management Foundations | Course

Change is hard, but necessary for businesses to thrive and survive. In this Lynda.com course, you’ll learn about the principles and techniques necessary to drive change; help you prepare, manage, and support the change process; and understand the stages of change.

Communication Foundations | Course

Effective communication is more than what you say. Make your message more impactful, and get the results you want in work and life. In this Lynda.com course, you’ll learn strong and clear communication strategies that will help you improve your listening, your message, your delivery, and your effectiveness that work across departments, teams, and cultures and help you get through communication blockers.

Corrective Action and Discipline

This course enhances supervisory/managerial skills by reviewing Oregon Tech’s corrective action and disciplinary processes and discussing sample, interactive corrective / disciplinary action cases. Discussion facilitation allows participants to learn from others’ experiences.

Customer Service Foundations | Course

In this Lynda.com course, you will learn the three crucial skill sets needed to deliver outstanding customer service and increase customer loyalty, learn how to build winning relationships, provide the right assistance at the right times, and effectively handle angry customers.


Departmental Training

The Office of Human Resources works with departments to tailor training courses to meet the specific training needs of a department. Some of our most commonly requested topics are Customer Service, Medical Leave, State Ethics Law, FLSA - Hours Worked, Search Committee Best Practices, and Oregon Tech Recruitment. Departments may request a training assessment and development by contacting the Office of Human Resources at 541.885.1075 or email us.

Developing & Empowering Others

This course provides an overview of the importance and benefits of developing our employees and colleagues and the tactical strategies for doing so. Also covered is the value of coaching and mentoring as essential elements for successful leadership.

Developing Position Descriptions, Expectations, and Annual Reviews | Slides Coming Soon!

This course examines the foundation of Oregon Tech performance management: position descriptions, position expectations, and evaluations. This course also examines the purpose and value of regular performance reviews and evaluations.

Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace

This course is required for all new employees and covers the non-discrimination and non-harassment laws and regulations that apply to the workplace. In this session participants will learn a little about each law and regulation, what they protect, and resources for addressing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion

Oregon Tech strongly recognizes and believes that a diverse and inclusive academic environment fosters mutual understanding, interpersonal and individual respect, cultural awareness, harmony, and creativity, while providing necessary role models for all students.

In this session, participants will learn how to celebrate diversity and create an inclusive environment within their department(s) and university.


Emotional Intelligence – Under Development

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to effectively recognize, understand, and manage one’s own emotions. EQ is a skill that can be gained over time. In this session, explore your EQ strengths and areas of improvement and learn how to leverage your EQ data.

Ethics | Slides
This presentation covers Oregon's Public Officials Ethics Law.


Faculty Recruitment

Recruitment is the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs at Oregon Tech. This course provides an overview of the faculty recruitment process at Oregon Tech and includes a comprehensive review of the five phases of recruitment, along with numerous best practice tips and suggestions to help Faculty Search Committees manage a successful recruitment.

FERPA Training (Online)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was designed to protect the privacy of education records of students. This course covers what FERPA is and steps to take to ensure compliance. Employees whom interact with students and their records are required to complete this training. Contact the Registrar’s Office to discuss FERPA training needs for your position, 541.885.1274 or email us.


HEROES System Trainings

HEROES – Hootie’s Employee Recruitment, Onboarding, & Exiting System – is Oregon Tech’s online talent management system for position management, recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and exiting. Individual and departmental trainings are available as needed.


Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace – Under Development

This course will explore what drives communication to effectively build trust; understanding your audience; verbal and nonverbal behavior; and emotional intelligence ties to communication.

Introduction to Performance Management

This course provides an introduction to the foundation of performance management - from position descriptions and performance expectations, as well as the successful application of the performance review.


Labor Relations Management

This course addresses State of Oregon laws and regulations associated with collective bargaining, labor relations structure at Oregon Tech, bargaining unit employee rights, the role of stewards, and the grievance procedure.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn is available to the Oregon Tech community every third Tuesday of each month from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in various locations and via Skype. Lunch & Learns will be offered throughout the year and will cover updates in employment practices and related topics. The Lunch & Learn also provides employees the opportunity to ask questions in an open forum and learn from each other.


Management Essentials

This course covers to the principles of effective management: roles and responsibilities of the supervisor, challenges key proficiencies, and effective delegation in the workplace.

Managing Teams | Course

Group dynamics impact productivity and employee satisfaction. This Lynda.com course covers motivating teams, managing team performance, establishing identity and authority within a group, addressing conflict, and making work fun.

Mentoring Faculty (Interactive) – Under Development

This workshop provides an overview of Oregon Tech’s structure and academic policies. It addresses faculty recruitment, mentoring, and retention efforts at Oregon Tech. It also addresses pre-tenure reviews, the tenure and promotion process (procedures, timelines, and standards), and the Department Chair’s role at Oregon Tech.


New Employee Orientation (Online) | Slides

The New Employee Orientation presents new faculty and staff with an overview of Oregon Tech, including the organizational structure of the university and Oregon Tech’s mission and values. This information is designed to complement other departmental and university-wide orientation programs. In-person sessions may be available at Convocation and June.


Onboarding New Employees and Managing the Employee Exit Process | Slides
This course is designed to give department hiring managers a practical understanding of how to onboard and integrate new employees, how to support employees through the exit process and how to develop plans for known and unknown departures. Includes related resources and tips.

Oregon OSHA Training Online | Website
From general safety training to training specific to certain hazards, Oregon OSHA's Online Learning provides a variety of safety-related trainings. After completing any of these trainings, print or save the completion certification and email us a copy or mail a copy to Environmental Safety and Health Office Attn: Sherry Himelwright.


Procurement Card (P-Card) Training – Position Specific

University procurement cards are assigned to departments or individuals for payment of routine office material and service purchases. If you are or will be a P-Card custodian, access the P-Card Agreement, Policy, and Procurement Card Policy Knowledge Test through techweb. Go to the Faculty/Staff tab and scroll down to "Procurement Cards" section. As needed, contact the Business Affairs Office to discuss training for your position, 541.885.1200 or email us.

Project Management Foundations | Course

Faced with a daunting project or would like to learn more about project management? In this course, learn the basics of project management and how to use tools in the Project Manager’s tool belt.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisor/Manager (Interactive) | Slides

This course provides an overview of the multiple roles and legal responsibilities of the supervisor. The primary functions of the supervisor are addressed along with the supervisor’s responsibilities to the organization and to the employees.


Safety Training – Position Specific

Many positions across campus handle or are around substances and equipment that may require specialized training. Safety training is required in order to assist departments in maintaining a safe and healthy university environment for staff, faculty, students, and visitors. Contact Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to discuss safety training needs for your position, 541.885.1556 or via email.

Saif Trainings | Website
Saif - Oregon's not-for-profit workers' compensation insurance company, provides a variety of free trainings from preventing workplace injuries to filing and managing a claim.

Search Committee Best Practices | Slides

This training equips search committees with the foundation knowledge for conducting a fair, impartial, and equitable recruitment. It also connects committees with resources and provides an overview of how the Office of Human Resources can support committees during the recruitment process. Individual committee an departmental trainings are available as needed.

Staff Recruitment Basics | Slides

This course is designed to give department hiring managers a practical understanding of the recruitment process for staff positions. It describes the legal framework for recruitment, the individual recruitment phases, and best practice tips to consider during the overall process.

Supervisor as Leader & Motivator

This course examines characteristics of inspiring leader and explains how to develop these traits. This course also outlines the role of the team leader on a high-performance team and highlights the importance of taking steps to develop the team culture early on during team formation.

Supervising Hourly Employees (Students and Temps) | Slides

This course addresses best practices for supervising student and temporary hourly employees including performance management, workers’ compensation, and understanding benefit eligibility.


Technical Development

Human Resources Training & Development is pleased to offer critical office software skill trainings that many Oregon Tech employees want to master. Participants are offered basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. Courses are available through Oregon Tech’s Lynda.com subscription. Other technology training can be found through our Oregon Tech Partner, Information Technology Services.


Understanding and Managing Employee Leaves

This course addresses the complex leave issues managers and supervisors need to manage. It addresses such questions as: What type of leave should my employees be using? What is my role in employee leave management? When should it be directed to HR? What can I ask my employee when they’re on leave?

Unit Budget Management: Budget Basics | Slides

This course provides insight into successfully managing departmental and/or unit budgets and includes understanding indexes, accounts, OPE, S & S, etc., and where to obtain meaningful data to measure department productivity and funding accountability.


Work/Life Balance | Course

This course through Cascade Centers focuses on issues of workplace discrimination and harassment prevention. Discussion includes appropriate / inappropriate behavior and supervisory responsibilities when such issues arise.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

This course focuses on issues of workplace discrimination and harassment prevention. Discussion includes appropriate / inappropriate behavior and supervisory responsibilities when such issues arise.


Youth Program Policies and Guidelines | Slides

This course provides and overview of Oregon Tech's You Program Policy and emergency reunification plan.


2019-20 Registration Available Soon!

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