Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Oregon Tech is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace for its employees and students, and those who use or come into contact with the College, to ensure safe working conditions, and to this end Oregon Tech has established a DRUG FREE CAMPUS POLICY (OIT-30-034). The policy states Oregon Tech prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of controlled substances by employees and students on college premises or as part of any College activity. It also says that non-compliance with this policy may result in penalties up to and including expulsion from the College or termination of employment. Criminal sanctions for violation of use or possession of a controlled substance may result from misdemeanor or felony charges.

Any employee convicted of violating a criminal drug statute in the workplace must notify his or her supervisor and the Director of Human Resources, (885-1108), no later than five days after such conviction. If the employee is involved with work supported by a federal agency, the federal agency will be notified within ten days after receiving notice of the criminal drug statute conviction.
In addition to any penalties under federal and state law, employees found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary sanctions consistent with applicable provisions of state laws and regulations, Oregon State Board of Higher Education administrative rules, applicable collective bargaining agreements, and applicable college administrative rules and directives. If imposed, sanctions will include appropriate personnel action (up to and including termination or expulsion from college), and may require satisfactory employee participation in an approved substance abuse assistance or rehabilitation program.

Health risk factors associated with the use of various illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol can be accessed through campus Human Resource Office or the Integrated Student Wellness Center. Additional information is also available on the Human Resources webpage under “Policies and Procedures – Substance Abuse” at www.oit.edu/hr/policies.

Employees are encouraged to seek assistance for controlled substance dependency problems. Faculty and staff can avail themselves of this service through their health benefits package, which provides some reimbursement for treatment and rehabilitation associated with substance abuse problems. Students may have their own private insurance or they may have purchased Oregon Tech insurance which provides coverage for chemical dependency treatment. Information about these health benefits can be obtained through the Human Resources Office for faculty and staff and the Integrated Student Wellness Center for students.