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Current Enrollment

This page is an attempt to display current enrollment demand, both graphical and tabular data, to give an idea of what is most in demand at a point prior to start of term. Only active enrollments at the time are displayed. Data is duplicated enrollment, meaning that a student is counted for each course enrolled. Data is current as of most recent Monday evening - Withdrawls after 2nd week (WC's) are included in headcount and credit hours.

Tables can be sorted by clicking on a column - only 50 records displayed at a time - click arrow at bottom of table to page through data.

Graphs display student count with size of the box (larger boxes are on the left and equate to more students). Color of the box represents credit hours (Blue is lower and Gold is higher credit hours). Left click on a department to drill down to individual courses and right click twice to return to department view. The header at the top of the graph details the location.

Fall 2015