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Maintaining the Web

The Oregon Tech website is one of the university's best tools for marketing the exceptional academic programs and resources available for students, parents, and staff members. It's the primary vehicle to promote degree programs, news, student services, campus life, and administrative resources that allow the university to operate efficiently. It is imperative that the online information remains accurate and current, and is continuously monitored for the integrity of its content.

Each university-affiliated department can appoint a staff member as that area's content editor, who will be given access to maintain departmental sites. With access to the university content management system, content editors help keep our website fresh and relevant to our target audience!

Login. Edit. Publish.

  • Login and manage content for your department pages, documents, and images
  • Edit and update page content to make corrections as needed
  • Publish changes in real-time to ensure delivery of relevant and timely information

Content Review, Appointing a Web Editor

Content Review

To ensure accuracy of messaging and consistent professional presentation, the Office of Marketing & Communication may change content residing on official Oregon Tech web servers at any time. Marketing may also provide periodic assessments of official websites. Any issues (outdated content, broken links, incorrect fonts, colors, formatting, etc.) must be addressed in a timely fashion by the site's web editor. Web editors will also be contacted if Marketing receives notice of outdated content.

Appointing a Web Editor

All web editors are appointed by the academic department chair or nonacademic department director/supervisor of their division to maintain their site(s), and must complete training administered by the Web Content Coordinator. Nonacademic offices must appoint a web editor to maintain their sites unless other arrangements have been made with the web content coordinator. All web editors must be employed by the University as members of the faculty or staff. Web editors may not be students, alumni, volunteers or hired professionals, although people in any of these categories may help the web editor. These supporting content monitors are welcome to work under the supervision of a site’s web editor to help maintain a site. The security of our website and its content is very important. Non-authorized web editors can inadvertently change content in ways which put our site at risk for misinformation being published, security breaches, and a variety of integrity issues.

Reminder: Web editors must comply with the Oregon Tech Computer Use Policy. Users assume personal responsibility for the use and security of their accounts. Users may not disclose their passwords or otherwise make Oregon Tech's facilities available to unauthorized individuals.

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Joel McPherson, Director Marketing

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