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Budget Information

Light bulb idea

Share your ideas about budget matters

Members of the Oregon Tech community are encouraged to share their ideas about budget matters with the Program Reduction and Elimination Committee. To submit your thoughts, send an e-mail to budgetideas@oit.edu.

FOAC Open Meeting 04.28.09

President Maples and professor Richard Bailey co-hosted an open forum for ideas around growing Oregon Tech's revenue sources. Bailey chairs the Fiscal Operations Advisory Committee, a body that makes fiscal recommendations to the president. Both Maples and Bailey encouraged individuals to send them ideas on how to cut expenses or to bring in new revenue. E-mail richard.bailey@oit.edu.

Ideas shared were:

  • Take out every other light bulb throughout campus
  • Shut off the heating system on weekends and one day a week
  • Have employees pay a portion of their health insurance costs
  • Utilize full-time equivalency reductions or furloughs
  • Utilize salary reduction procedures to protect those involved with tenure relinquishment or retirement planning
  • Allow faculty to take voluntary leave without pay
  • Provide weighted salary reductions, so those paid more bear more of the burden'
  • Cash out sick leave and vacation
  • Move summer school to distance education only
  • Close some buildings over the summer
  • Provide more continuing education credit opportunities
  • Provide night continuing education credits
  • Provide online continuing education credits
  • Utilize the Dow Center during the summer for continuing education
  • Provide short courses for Oregonians needing skills to get back to work
  • Give faculty evaluation credit for distance education or continuing education development
  • Revitalize the Associate of Arts/Oregon Transfer program
  • Offer a full summer quarter
  • Analyze semester vs. term costs
  • Offer to take students for two years before they transfer to another OUS institution
  • FOAC should look at cutting costs in service areas
  • Offer furlough during Convocation
  • Shut down the week between Christmas and New Years
  • Close on Fridays, lengthen Monday and Wednesday classes so Fridays aren't necessary
  • Rent labs to KCC
  • Send a tear-jerking video to Oprah
  • Product placement in faculty lectures
  • Elderhostel
  • Summer camps
  • Conferences
  • Utilize the 10 solar panels not in use on campus
  • Work four 10-hour days