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Program Reduction and Elimination Committee

President's e-mail establishing the committee

April 24, 2011


OIT-20-050, the updated version of which is attached to this email and will be posted at www.oit.edu/budget/prec later this week, outlines the circumstances and procedures required for Oregon Tech's president, working in conjunction with the Oregon Tech faculty senate chair, Matt Schnackenberg, to form a Program Reduction and Elimination Committee (PREC). The PREC is charged generally with making recommendations to the president for potential program reductions and/or eliminations during particularly challenging funding reductions. Oregon Tech, as does the other Oregon University System members, faces reductions of a magnitude that formation of a PREC is appropriate.

Matt and I worked closely together to ensure that the PREC members were broadly representative of the institution as a whole, and generally recognized for their knowledge of Oregon Tech. To that end, I chose to make one modification to the committee-formation process again this time in that I elected to expand the committee number to 11 instead of 9 members (as I did for the last PREC). Nonetheless, I limited the number of president-recommended committee members to 4, and expanded the number of faculty-senate-chair-recommended members to 7 (instead of 5). Given the growth of Oregon Tech and the need to have broad input, expansion of membership to 11 from 9 through additional faculty-senate-chair selections from the Oregon Tech faculty seemed both reasonable and appropriate. This expansion also will allow the PREC additional flexibility to meet with 9 instead of 11 members, if necessary and should they elect to do so.

The members of the Oregon Tech PREC are:

Ben Cornelius - Mathematics
Cristina Crespo - EERE, Electrical Engineering Technology, Portland
Claude Kansaku - Computer Systems, Software
Grant Kirby - Management, IT Program, Portland
Rodger Lindgren - Civil Engineering
Tanya McVay - Natural Sciences, A&P, Vascular
LeAnn Maupin - Medical Imaging Technology, Vascular
Mark Neupert - Humanities and Social Sciences
Kelly Peterson - Library Faculty
Lawrence Powers - College of Health, Arts, and Science
Michael Schell - Athletics

As before, this will be a challenging and time-intensive committee. Nonetheless, I have requested that PREC provide recommendations to me no later than mid-June. PREC has my fullest support and its members have my deepest respect and gratitude for agreeing to serve Oregon Tech in this important and challenging task as a collective whole.


Chris Maples
Oregon Tech President

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