Assessment Exec and Assessment Coordinators

The mission of the Oregon Tech Assessment Commission is to develop, review, and implement an institutional assessment plan.  The Commission also recommends the process for and oversees program assessment.

This site contains information on Assessment Commission membership, the charter for the Commission, assessment forms, assessment plans for the institution, assessment reports, and official institutional rubrics.

The below documents list the Assessment Commission members for each academic year.

2019-20 Membership

Assessment Exec

Position  Department / (Campus) Member 
Chair Medical Imaging Technology (Online) Janette Isaacson 
Faculty Representative Dental Hygiene (Online) Suzanne Hopper 
Faculty Representative Communication (Klamath Falls) Matt Frye
Faculty Representative Medical Imaging Technology (Klamath Falls) Don McDonnell  
Faculty Representative  Computer Systems Engineering Technology (Klamath Falls) Kevin Pintong
Faculty Representative Campus Librarian (Portland-Metro)   Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen 
Faculty Representative Natural Sciences (Klamath Falls) Seth Anthony
Executive Assistant Office of Academic Excellence (Klamath Falls) Barb Meng 

Assessment Coordinators

College of Engineering, Technology and Management 
Civil Engineering Department 
  B.S., Civil Engineering Sean St. Clair

M.S., Civil Engineering Sean St. Clair
Computer Systems Engineering Technology  Department
  A.E., Computer Engineering Technology  Kevin Pintong 
  B.S., Computer Engineering Technology Kevin Pintong 
  B.S., Embedded Systems Engineering Technology Kevin Pintong
  A.E., Software Engineering Technology Phil Howard 
  B.S., Software Engineering Technology Phil Howard 
Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Department  

Dual Major, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Control Engineering Robert Melendy 
  B.S., Electrical Engineering Robert Melendy
  B.S., Electronics Engineering Technology  Aaron Scher 
  M.S., Engineering Cristina Crespo
  Dual Major, Optical Engineering Scott Prahl 
  B.S, Renewable Energy Engineering Eklas Hossain 
  M.S., Renewable Energy Engineering  Claudia Torres-Garibay 
  Dual Major, Systems Engineering and Technical Management  James Eastham 
Geomatics Department 
  B.S., Geomatics - Geographic Information Systems Option  Mason Marker 
  B.S., Geomatics - Surveying Option  Mason Marker 
Management Department  

B.S., Accounting Carmen Morgan 
  B.S., Business - Management Option Sharon Beaudry 
  B.S., Business - Marketing Option  Kristy Weidman 
  B.S. Data Science B.S.   Joseph Reid
  B.S., Cybersecurity TBD
  B.S., Health Care Management - Administration Option  Hallie Neupert 
  B.S., Health Care Management - Clinical Option  Hallie Neupert 
  B.S., Health Care Management - Radiologic Science Management Option  Hallie Neupert 
  B.S., Health Informatics  Jeff Dickson 
  B.S., Information Technology  Jeff Dickson 
  B.S., Operations Management  Pat Schaeffer 
  B.A.S., Technology and Management Maureen Sevigny 
Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Department 
  B.S., Manufacturing Engineering Technology Steve Edgeman 
  M.S., Manufacturing Engineering Technology Steve Addison 
  B.S., Mechanical Engineering  Robert Paxton 
  B.S., Mechanical Engineering Technology Steve Edgeman 
College of Health, Arts and Sciences 
Communication Department 
  B.S., Communication Studies Matt Frye
  B.S., Professional Writing Matt Frye 
Dental Hygiene Department 
  B.S., Dental Hygiene Tonja Willey 
  B.S., Dental Hygiene (Degree Completion) Suzanne Hopper 
Emergency Medical Services Department
  B.S., Emergency Medical Services Management Carmen Nebeker
  A.A.S., Emergency Medical Technology - Paramedic Kate Darling 
Humanities & Social Sciences Department  

M.S., Applied Behavior Analysis Maria Lynn Kessler 
  B.S., Applied Psychology Carey Fitzgerald
  M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy Kevin Garrett
  B.S., Population Health Management Kyle Chapman 
Mathematics Department  

B.S., Applied Mathematics Jim Fischer 
  B.S., Data Science Joe Reid
Medical Imaging Technology Department 

M.S., Allied Health Janette Isaacson 

B.S., Diagnostic Medical Sonography Robyn Cole 
  B.S., Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Degree Completion) Robyn Cole 
  B.S., Echocardiograhy Barry Canaday 
  B.S., Echocardiography (Degree Completion) Janette Isaacson 
  B.S., Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology Rick Hoylman 
  B.S., Radiologic Science Don McDonnell 
  B.S., Radiologic Science (Degree Completion) Gary Zimmerman 
  B.S., Vascular Technology  Chris Caster 
  B.S., Vascular Technology (Degree Completion) Janette Isaacson 
Medical Laboratory Science Department 
  B.S., Medical Laboratory Science  Rachelle Barrett 
Natural Sciences Department

B.S., Biology-Health Sciences Travis Lund 
  B.S., Environmental Sciences Christy VanRooyen 
Respiratory Care and Sleep Health Department
  B.S., Respiratory Care  Sarah Fitzpatrick 
  B.S., Respiratory Care (Degree Completion)  Jeff Pardy 
  A.A.S., Sleep Health - Clinical Sleep Option  Michael Schwartz 
  A.A.S., Sleep Health - Polysomnographic Technology Option  Michael Schwartz