Guiding Principles

General Education at Oregon Tech is:

Aligned with Oregon Tech’s mission, vision, and strategic plan

We maintain that Oregon Tech’s vision for General Education must reflect the institution’s overall principles, values, and goals. General Education is and must remain an integral part of Oregon Tech’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Engaged with the Oregon Tech Community

We recognize that General Education is a function of the university as a whole. We commit to seeking, welcoming, and valuing the views of all members of the Oregon Tech Community.

Informed by internal and external expertise

Our goal is to articulate a rationale for General Education at Oregon Tech that incorporates both:

  • The body of knowledge generated by past and current scholarly research into General Education practices, policies, and outcomes; and
  • The expertise, experience, and institutional knowledge of Oregon Tech’s stakeholders, both internal and external.

Adaptable to current and future needs

We recognize that the guidelines for General Education at Oregon Tech must not only provide a rational foundation for policies that reflect the needs and goals of our students, our institution, and our community as they currently exist, but also must be flexible enough to provide a framework for future policies.

As the General Education Review Task Force, we commit to:

Transparent, open communication

We believe that the best way to encourage an engaged, inclusive, institution-wide review process is to ensure that our work is transparent and accessible to the community at large. We will report to our community throughout the review process, through a variety of venues; we will provide various methods for our community to participate in the review process.

A Collaborative process

The General Education Review Task Force is not intended to be a representative body, proposing and establishing specific policies for Oregon Tech. Rather, we are members of the Oregon Tech community, and all stakeholders in the future of General Education at Oregon Tech. Our goal is to collaborate with our fellow stakeholders at each stage of the review process.