Accreditation and Program Requirements


Ensure consistency of general education curricular requirements with program and institutional accreditor requirements.


  • Jenny Kellstrom—Task Force liaison
  • Charlie Jones (ex-officio)
  • LeAnn Maupin (ex-officio)
  • Linda Young - COM
  • Rose McClure -NS
  • Matt Sleep - CE
  • Teresa Wolfe - MLS
  • Ben Bunting - HSS
  • Jim Hulse - RCP
  • Sean Sloan - ME

Tasks and Timeline

  • Summarize accrediting bodies and requirements relating to general education
    • Programmatic accreditation (ABET, IACBE, etc.)
    • Institutional accreditation (NWCCU)
  • Count/define double dip (gen ed courses that are prerequisite for program courses or are program courses) credits for all programs
    • Better: how is 36/45 satisfied by each program? Registrar’s office to do work?
    • Get report from GEAC
  • Review general education revision plans as they develop and ensure that the plans are consistent with accreditation guidelines.

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