Broadcasting and Marketing


Ensure that the general education review is transparent and accessible to the community at large. Support the value of general education through marketing.


The Broadcasting and Marketing subcommittee shall consist of a representative from each college, members of the Marketing and Communication Department, a representative from admissions, a representative from the Advising Commission, a representative from the Marketing Committee, and other appointees as deemed necessary. The subcommittee chair will be selected by the subcommittee and a member of the General Education Review Task Force will act as liaison.

  • Christian Vukasovich, Chair
  • Sandra Bailey, Task Force liaison
  • Kevin Brown, Marketing Committee
  • Di Saunders, Assoc VP for Communication & Public Affairs 
  • Bill Goloski, Marketing & Communication
  • Joel McPherson, Marketing & Communication
  • Ashley Van Essen, Marketing & Communication
  • Holly Anderson, Admissions
  • Ryan Madden, Advising Commission
  • David Hammond, HAS

Tasks and Timeline


  • Initiate General Education Review website
  • Disseminate reports


  • Develop marketing plan (talking points and campus culture)
  • Update General Education Review website
  • Disseminate reports


  • Disseminate reports
  • Implement marketing plan (informational materials)
  • Redesign General Education webpage

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