Outcomes and Assessment


Review internal and external assessment data, identify gaps, and make recommendations for changes to general education requirements and/or ISLOs. Revise assessment plans and processes as needed.


The Outcomes and Assessment subcommittee shall consist of the members of the Assessment Commission Executive Committee, and other appointees as deemed necessary. The subcommittee chair will be selected by the subcommittee and a member of the General Education Review Task Force will act as liaison.

  • MariaLynn Kessler—Task Force liaison
  • Seth Anthony
  • Sandra Bailey
  • Veronica Koehn—chair
  • Ryan Madden
  • Don McDonnell
  • Hallie Neupert
  • Sean St Clair
  • Mehmet Vurkac
  • David Waite
  • Gregg Waterman
  • Yasha Rohwer

Tasks and Timeline


  • Evaluate ISLO assessment data collected over the past seven years
  • Map ISLOs to current Gen Ed requirements
  • Compare ISLOs and current Gen Ed to National trends (DQP and AAC&U’s ELOs)
  • Identify gaps
  • Submit report summarizing work and recommendations


  • Review general education revision plans as they develop and identify impact on assessment plan
  • Recommend changes to ISLOs and/or assessment processes
  • Submit revised assessment plan


  • Implement assessment plan
  • Develop assessment measures and tools
  • Revise the assessment cycle as needed

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