Stakeholder Input


The Stakeholder Input Subcommittee of the General Education Review Task Force will gather input from stakeholders by conducting surveys and/or forums and provide results to the GERTF and the Documentation Subcommittee for reporting. The subcommittee will also conduct surveys during the vetting process to gather opinions on proposed changes.


  • CJ Riley—Task Force liaison
  • Michael Benedict – ASOIT President
  • Justin Parnell – Alumni Survey
  • Carl Thomas – HS/CC connections and prospective parents
  • Brittany Miles – Industry
  • Barb Conner - Retention
  • Joseph Maurer – Student Affairs
  • Dan Ziriax – Graduate Survey and Career Services
  • Sophia Lyn Nathenson – HAS and survey writing
  • Ken Usher – Health

Tasks and Timeline

  1. Define membership and have first meeting (by 1/29)
  2. Gather and evaluate existing surveys (ETIC, NSSE, AAC&U employer surveys, ISLO survey)
  3. Identify information we want to know and plan how best to gather it
  4. Research existing student survey templates available from other gen ed reviews
  5. Prepare surveys of students, parents, HS/CC contacts, alumni, industry partners (by 3/19)
  6. Review surveys with GERTF (3/19)
  7. Deliver surveys (4/2014)
  8. Analyze data (4/2014)
  9. Provide data analysis for reporting (4/2014)
  10. Plan student focus groups
  11. Plan Spring Faculty Forum
  12. Conduct Spring Faculty Forum

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