CEET Update

by Paul Titus | Nov 05, 2018

CEET Drawing 311/5/18
Dr. Gary Kuleck - Provost and V. P. of Academic Affairs

New CEET building schematics were presented at a meeting by TVA Architects on October 18th. Several changes were made from the previous schematics which were developed in conjunction with the CEET Visioning Committee. The most significant change was the building being changed to a two floor structure instead of three. This change was made based on initial soil samples and the large ceiling heights requested for potential laboratory spaces.


In an effort to gather further input three meetings were held on October 24th to gather input based upon the new schematics. These meetings were held with the CEET Visioning Committee, the OIT Faculty and Staff, and OIT Students. Several common themes came from these meetings:

  • Including Unisex Bathrooms and a Lactation Room
  • Move Café to entrance (east side)
  • Enlarge Common Space at Student/Faculty Entrance
  • Incorporate display cases at Student/Faculty Entrance
  • Add Computer Lab / Area with Printer (with possibility of 24-hour access)

All of the input received from the three meetings has been forwarded to TVA Architects and a follow-up meeting is scheduled for November 14th.