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Mission Statement for Academic Advising

Advising is a process that teaches students to be responsible “consumers” of their own education, to be responsible “creators” of their own learning, and to be mature examiners of their own goals and learning processes. Advisors at Oregon Tech encounter situations that fall into one or more of the following broad categories:

  • Developmental advising: Developing student goals and objectives, encouraging student growth
  • Academic advising: Course sequencing, registration, long term course plans
  • Personal advising: Supporting, identifying and helping students at risk (academic as well as personal)
  • Recruiting advising: Contacting and advising prospective students, conducting tours, providing career guidance

Individual faculty members are the primary academic advising resource for undergraduate students at Oregon Tech. While students are ultimately responsible for understanding and meeting degree requirements, Oregon Tech’s faculty and staff members help students by relaying accurate policy and procedural information, using current technology to update student schedules and information, and providing meaningful advisor-advisee interactions that build on each student’s unique strengths. All of these can help students make good decisions related to academic life and a career while promoting progress toward a degree.

Oregon Tech is committed to using developmental advising models which do the following:

  • Promote maximum academic, personal, and career development of students
  • Help students discover and access support services on campus
  • Help diminish the confusion that comes with new environments and changing goals
  • Help increase student motivation to succeed and excel
  • Help students learn to make independent decisions
  • Get students to think
  • Provide guidance, support, and encouragement
  • Help students succeed at Oregon Tech