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Who are the Academic Advisors?

All full-time members of the regular Oregon Tech college faculty can serve as academic advisors (except in their first year of service). The success of the college’s academic program hinges, in large part, on the extent to which faculty members carry out their responsibilities as academic advisors.

The advising process requires that advisors have knowledge, experience, and interest in developing communication with students that is genuine, sincere, and confidential. Advising also requires that faculty members stay informed, interested, and available to assist students in a variety of academic social and service-oriented activities while at Oregon Tech. Students differ in the variety and urgency of their need for help from advisors. Advisors need to be sensitive to these and other differences. What will work to help one student may not be helpful to another. Academic advising must be developmental in philosophy and practice and flexible in application. It is important to note that Oregon Tech faculty members may advise new students only after receiving specialized training.