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Council Elections, Appointments and Participation

The information listed here is intended as a brief explanation only. The specific details of membership are explained in the Charter and Bylaws of the Administrative Council.

Any member of the Oregon Tech administrative staff, with the exception of the President, is eligible to be appointed or elected to the Council.

There are ten members in the Administrative Council:

  • Eight members are elected by the administrative staff and each serves a two-year term
    • Four members are selected from members of the Klamath Falls campus.
    • Two members are selected from members of the Wilsonville campus.
    • The remaining two members may be from any Oregon Tech site.
  • One member is appointed by the University President for a term designated by the President.
  • One non-voting representative attends on behalf of Faculty-Senate.

Each spring, a nomination and election process shall be held to fill three of the elected positions on the Council. Between April 15 and April 30, any administrative staff member may nominate any other member to serve on the Administrative Council. The Council Chair will announce the nomination period to all administrative staff, and all nominations are made to the Chair.

During the first week of May the Council Chair will distribute ballots to all administrative staff. In recent years, ballots have been made available online. All ballots are collected by the end of the day on May 15, and the results shared with all administrative staff.