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Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award

2017-18 Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award

Congratulations 2018 Award Winners!

Irina Demeshko

Irina Demeshko, Associate Professor

 Engineering, Technology & Management

“Irina is an organized, dedicated professor with a love for her profession, her students and education. She excels at instructing students on theory, gives worked examples of problems and gives well structured and relevant lectures. She helps students in class and out of class understand the material and creates interesting labs that require out of the box thinking and problem solving skills. Also Irina is the adviser for the Society of Womens Engineers.”

“Irina is always cordial and her door is always open to her students and faculty.  She always has a positive attitude.”

“Irina is an exceptional faculty and person, always willing to go the extra mile for her students.”

“By far the most impressive aspects of Irina's work are her teaching, tutoring, and development of engineering students.  Irina dedicates a significant amount of time to helping students get jobs, both while in school and upon graduation.  Irina serves the department, institution, and community tirelessly.   Some notable activities include Preview Day & Tech Trek events and acquiring resources for her students with RBC and Innovative Teaching grants (especially in her specialization area of 3D Printing).“

Andria Fultz

Andria Fultz, Assistant Professor

 Health, Arts & Sciences

“Professor Fultz teaches Speech Fundamentals and Small Group Communication - useful skills for daily work and home life but always applied in some sort of context.  Most people don't give speeches or work in groups for the sake of doing so - Professor Fultz knows this and gives that context to the class.  Speech is given the context of teaching or instructing the class.  Group work is given the context of building a device or process that will actually be used by students.  Her approach is engineering applied to communications.”

“Outside of her classes, Professor Fultz is dedicated to the same principles of applied learning.  She advises the Portland-Metro Inventor's Club - a student club allowing for both engineer and non-engineering students to gain hands-on experience in crafting inventions and presenting them to the public.” 

“Perhaps even more impressively, Professor Fultz has taken the reins on project-managing this year's RockSat-C project.  She mediates the work relationships, budgets, and work flow of a very talented team building a sound rocket payload that will send a variety of experiments, including four capstones, into space from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.  She is absolutely critical in the success of this project.”


We received 107 Nominations and Support Statements for 54 Faculty Members!

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Award Criteria

The Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Awards are presented annually to recognize the outstanding teaching of one faculty member from the College of Engineering, Technology, and Management (ETM) and one faculty member from the College of Health, Arts and Sciences (HAS).  The Foundation looks forward to honoring faculty members whose talents as teachers make a difference in the lives of students.  Award recipients will receive a $1,000 stipend and will be honored with a certificate at the Spring Commencement ceremonies.  Nominations are accepted from Faculty, Staff and Students.

Recipients of the Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award should demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Outstanding teaching performance as evidenced by engaging instruction, positive interaction with, and availability to, students
  • Exemplary commitment to students through academic advising, or extra-curricular involvement and advising, both formal and informal
  • Leadership in initiatives supporting student success

Selection Criteria

Recommendations about award recipients will be made by Selection Committee based on the extent to which the initial nomination and letters of support demonstrate excellence as described by the award criteria.  Additional consideration will be given to those with multiple recommendations and to recommendations written by students.  Selection Committee recommendations will be submitted to the Oregon Tech Foundation President by May 15th.

Selection Committee

  • Faith Lee, ASOIT President Klamath Falls
  • Peggy Hawkins, ASOIT President Portland-Metro
  • Cindy Reed, CCT Student Representative
  • Matthew Sleep, ETM Prior Award Recipient
  • Dan Peterson, CCT Representative
  • Sally Jones, Oregon Tech Foundation Board Representative
  • Seth Anthony, Interim Director of the Office of Academic Excellence
  • Nellie Stewart, Executive Assistant to the Office Academic Excellence