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Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award

2017-18 Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award

Congratulations 2019 Award Winners!

Sean Sloan

Sean Sloan, Associate Professor, Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering

 Engineering, Technology & Management

“Sean is always willing to talk with students about whatever questions they have regarding their classes, even if they’re unrelated to the specific classes that he teaches. He’s honest, bright, understanding, and overall a fantastic professor. I’ve made an effort to take every class with him that I could.”

“Professor Sloan is one of he most engaging lecturers I have had the pleasure of being a student of. He explains complex topics using real world personal experience and is always willing to participate in an enlightening discussion about any topic of interest to the student. Prof. Sloan cares about student projects and to my knowledge is the adviser for at least two clubs. I can think of no professor who better exemplifies this institution’s goals.”

“He stands out […] as a compassionate man, a passionate professor, and a true joy to take classes with. He presents material in such a way that even complex concepts are easily digestible and can be applied during exams, labs, and outside of class when solving real-world problems. He has a philosophy of teaching concepts rather than equations, which fosters a classroom environment of exploring any and all applications to solve complex problems with simple, sequential methods that build on past lessons.

“[He] is the best professor I have ever had. He truly cares about students and their success and is willing to do whatever he can to make sure we become engineers worthy of being engineers. He consistently comes up with educational lab, club, and project ideas that are intriguing and 100% relevant to our coursework and future jobs. He nurtures environments where boring subjects become interesting, useful, and applicable. He continually educates himself as well so he can stay up-to-date with what is happening in engineering industry.”

“Professor Sloan loves his students and his job. He is always willing to help people out, even if he isn't currently teaching them in a class. He's an incredible teacher and person. Professor Sloan is the reason I switched to mechanical engineering, and without him my life would be headed in a very different direction. I am so thankful for him, his values, and his personality.”

Darlene Swigart

Darlene Swigart, Instructor in Dental Hygiene

 Health, Arts & Sciences

“She goes above and beyond for her students no matter if it means taking time out of her own nights, comforting you when you're crying because dental hygiene is hard and being a mom to each and every one of us. I would not be able to get through dental hygiene school if Mrs. Swigart did not have my back everyday advocating for us as students.”

“I cannot express how many times Mrs. Swigart goes the extra mile for each of us students. […] In multiple occasions, she has stayed after class to help me understand an assignment. She will make sure you know the material and have your questions answered regardless of the time it takes. Not once did I feel as if I was bothering her or felt rushed to ask her questions. [She] made me feel important.”

“She thinks of things that we as a class wouldn't even think of to help us pass our boards and complete graduation requirements. She is ALWAYS in a positive and up beat mood making it very obvious she loves what she does and cares for each of us as individuals.”

“She is the most caring, sincere, intelligent, organized, and motivating professor I have ever had and I am so thankful for having her as my instructor.”

“She goes above and beyond for each and every student. I am motivated and inspired to finish the rigorous dental hygiene program because of her. She gives me strength and helps me believe in myself because she brings out the best in each of us.”


We received over 280 Nominations and Support Statements for over 100 Individuals!

Adam Wagner Eklas Hossain Kevin Pintong Robert Melendy
Addie Clark Elise Donovan Kristy Weidman Robin Schwartz
Alishia Huntoon Elizabeth Wells Kyle Chapman Robyn Wilde
Amr Metwally Eve Klopf Laurie Yates Rose McClure
Anthony Marostica Francis Bartholomew Lindsey Davis Ryan Brown
Barbara Sigurdson Franny Howes Lindy Stewart Ryan Madden
Barry Canaday Gaylyn Maurer Lloyd Parratt Sandra Bailey
Brian Moravec George Drouant Lucas Cordova Sarah Fitzpatrick
Calvin Caldwell Greg Pak Mason Marker Scott Prahl
Caroline Doty Hugh Jarrard Matt Schnackenberg Sean Sloan
Charles Riley Hui-Yun Li Matthew Search Sean St. Clair
Chelsea Gustafson Irina Demeshko Matthew Sleep Seth Anthony
Christopher Syrnyk Jeannie Bopp Maureen Sevigny Sharon Beaudry
Christy VanRooyen Jeff Dickson Melissa Gard Steve Schultz
Clifford Stover Jeff Pardy Mike Pierce Tanya McVay
Corey Murphy Jessamyn Birrer-Lundgren Molly O'Shaughnessy Tara Guthrie
Dan Carrere Jesse Kinder Monica Breedlove Thomas Taylor
Dan Peterson Jherime Kellermann Mostafa Saber Todd Breedlove
Darlene Swigart Joey Parnell Nathan Mead Tom Taylor
David Johnston John Borgen Pat Schaeffer Tracey Coon
Dawn Bailey John Ritter Peter Overholser Travis Lund
Dawn Taylor Josh Millard Phil Howard Vanessa Bennett
Debbie McCollam Kamal Gandhi Phong Nguyen Vira Schechtel
Don Lee Kari Lundgren Rachelle Barrett Waseem Sheikh
Don McDonnell Kate Darling Rich Carson Yasha Rohwer
Dustin Brown Ken Usher Richard Hoylman


Award Criteria

The Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Awards are presented annually to recognize the outstanding teaching of one faculty member from the College of Engineering, Technology, and Management (ETM) and one faculty member from the College of Health, Arts and Sciences (HAS).With this award, the Foundation honors faculty members whose talents as teachers make a difference in the lives of students.Award recipients will receive a $1,000 stipend and will be honored with a certificate.


Recipients of the Oregon Tech Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award should demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Outstanding teaching performance as evidenced by engaging instruction, positive interaction with, and availability to, students
  • Exemplary commitment to students through academic advising, or extra-curricular involvement and advising, both formal and informal
  • Leadership in initiatives supporting student success

Selection Criteria

Recommendations about award recipients will be made by Selection Committee based on the extent to which the initial nomination and letters of support demonstrate excellence as described by the award criteria.  Additional consideration will be given to those with multiple recommendations and to recommendations written by students.  Selection Committee recommendations will be submitted to the Oregon Tech Foundation President by May 15th.

Selection Committee

Selection Committee

  • Junmin Yee, ASOIT President Klamath Falls
  • Johnathan Nguyen, ASOIT President Portland-Metro
  • Clark Anderson, CCT Student Representative
  • ETM Prior Award Recipient:- Irina Demeshko
  • HAS Prior Award Recipient -  Andria Fultz
  • Sally Jones, Oregon Tech Foundation Board Representative
  • Seth Anthony, Director, Office of Academic Excellence
  • Barb Meng, Executive Assistant to the Office Academic Excellence