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Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning Grant

Oregon Tech is participating in an OUS pre-disaster natural hazard mitigation planning (NHMP) grant program. While Oregon has been a national leader in mitigation planning, universities and other institutes of higher education are still in need of this type of planning. Engaging universities is particularly important because of the role they play in the state’s economy. Because universities serve as a tremendous asset, they also represent a significant vulnerability. In 2009, OUS institutions provided educational opportunities to over 91,000 students across the state. In addition, buildings owned by OUS represent 50% of all state-owned buildings and have a total replacement value of $3.5 billion.

The Oregon Tech NHMP will take into consideration FEMA mitigation plan requirements, current statistical data as well as committee and campus input. It will be submitted for approval in fall 2011 with a projected final approval date of no later than December 2011. The following pages outline the tasks that Oregon Tech will complete to develop the NHMP. This NHMP will become an annex to the Oregon NHMP and can be used to secure natural hazard mitigation funding in the coming years.