The following outlines the tasks that university staff will complete to develop a NHMP. This NHMP will become an annex to the Oregon NHMP and can be used to secure natural hazard mitigation funding in the coming years.

There are three entities involved in this planning process. The first component will be the University Mitigation Steering Committee (Steering Committee) that will participate in four work sessions in order to accurately profile the university, assess current risk, create goals and actions and review plan drafts. This Steering Committee will reconvene on a regular basis following the plan’s adoption to ensure implementation and maintenance of the plan.

The second entity is the university project lead, also called the campus lead. This person will be responsible for guiding the Steering Committee through the planning process, engaging the campus community and for drafting the Oregon Tech NHMP. The campus lead will also be responsible for facilitating the four work sessions of the Steering Committee.  The Director of Risk Management, Edward J. Guy, has been designated as the campus lead.

The last entity involved in the planning process is the Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience (OPDR) at the University of Oregon’s Community Service Center. OPDR will provide plan development support, technical assistance and grant management. OPDR staff will also review the final draft of the Oregon Tech NHMP to ensure that it meets FEMA requirements