Goals & Action Items

Goal statements with measurable action items are required in any natural hazards mitigation plan. These goals and action items will be based on information collected in the previous tasks.

Task 10: Attend OPDR Work Session: Goals and Action Items

The third OPDR plan development work session will address goals and actions within the Oregon Tech NHMP. As these plans will be annexed to the Oregon NHMP, the Oregon Tech NHMP will use the goals put forward in the Oregon NHMP. Campus leads will learn how to lead their individual steering committees through the completion of action item forms that define clear and measurable actions.  


OPDR will provide the Goals and Action Items Framework to the campus lead during this training.




  • Goals and Action Items Framework
  • Action Item Form
  • Steering Committee #3 Meeting Presentation Template



March 2011

Task 11: Draft Goals and Action Items Section and Action Item List

The campus lead will draft the initial Goals and Action Items section of the Oregon Tech NHMP. Goals are broad statements that articulate what the campus hopes to accomplish going forward by pursuing these plans. Goals also help identify actions items that reduce or avoid risk to the hazards identified in the plan. The action items themselves are measureable and assignable tasks. Again, the campus lead should use the Goals and Action Items Framework provided by OPDR while drafting this section of the plan.


The campus lead should develop a list of potential actions based upon information and feedback gained during the planning process. The campus lead should use the Action Item Form provided by OPDR while developing the list of action item.




  • Draft Goals and Action Item Section
  • Draft List of Potential Actions



March 2011 – April 2011

Task 12: Steering Committee Work Session #3

Using Community Training Manual, Campus Planning Memo and information from the OPDR Goals and Action Items work session, the campus lead will create an agenda, presentation and any homework for the Steering Committee. OPDR will provide a presentation that the campus lead can use in preparing for this meeting. As before, the homework will most likely be to review and provide input on the draft Goals and Action Item section.


When the campus lead has made the edits suggested by the Steering Committee, they will forward the Goals and Action Items section to OPDR for review to ensure the plan meets all FEMA requirements. OPDR will review and, if necessary, make recommendations on edits to the Goals and Action Items section and return it to the campus lead prior to Steering Committee Work Session #4.


At this work session, the campus lead will also present the reviewed Risk Assessment section for approval by the Steering Committee.




  • Reviewed Goals and Action Items Section



  • Work Session #3 Agenda
  • Work Session #3 presentation
  • Homework for Steering Committee members
  • Meeting minutes



May 2011