This portion of the scope of work identifies how university staff will prepare for the plan development process and convene the Steering Committee.


Task 1: Develop a Steering Committee

The steering committee members were designated by the Vice President, Finance and Administration.  The departments/units represented on the steering committee are:


  • Risk Management
  • Academic Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Business Affairs
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Facilities Services
  • Housing
  • ITS
  • Public Affairs
  • Security


As the Oregon Tech NHMP will affect multiple campus departments and units; engaging those other departments and units through the Steering Committee will increase staff ownership and buy-in. The Steering Committee will also be involved in plan implementation after the plan is completed and adopted.




  • Preliminary Meeting
  • Getting Starting Resources



  • Finalized Steering Committee



July 2010 – August 2010


Task 2: Attend OPDR Work Session: Getting Started

OPDR will hold a plan development work session for the campus lead that will outline what tasks the campus lead needs to complete prior to, during and after their Steering Committee’s first work session.

Specifically, OPDR staff will train the campus lead in preparing the Campus Profile section of the Oregon Tech NHMP. The Campus Profile describes the demographic, economic, environmental, social and built composition of Oregon Tech.


During this work session, OPDR will discuss FEMA requirements, campus data sources, and common pitfalls with the campus lead. Additionally, OPDR will provide a common document framework that the campus lead can use when drafting their Campus Profile. The content and materials for this work session have been developed and refined through OPDR’s mitigation planning work with communities across the state over the last ten years.




  • Plan Develop Support Work Session # 1
  • Campus Profile Framework and Data
  • Campus Data Sources
  • Steering Committee #1 Meeting Presentation Template



September 2010