ITS Services Provided

Boivin Hall Computer Lab Hours

Rooms: Boivin Hall (BH)

  • 120
  • 124
  • 134
  • 138
  • 146

Regular Hours:

Monday – Thursday 7:30am to 9:00pm
Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm

During Spring, Winter and Summer breaks, open hours are:

Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Check the class schedules on each lab door to see if a class is scheduled to start or is already in session. Please do not enter a lab that has a class in session. BH 120 is always open during the above scheduled times. It does not have any classes scheduled in it.

Additional Computer Labs

Some other general use labs on campus are: Owens 206, SSC (Student Success Center) on the 2nd floor in Library, Residence Hall for students living there, and assorted labs set up for certain majors, such as Purvine Hall first floor for CSET majors.

What’s Available

Software selection may be slightly different in each lab. Most programs are located on all computers across campus though. Certain programs may only be in select places such as Pagemaker and AutoCAD.

Boivin Hall labs have an ITS lab assistant available. Please go to one of the lab windows to get help if you have any computer problems. There is also a service window in the hallway next to the Boivin Hall 152 door.

BH 120 has a scanner hooked up to one of the computers. Every Boivin Hall lab has some computers with cd burners.


The first 100 Black and white copies are free every term; the cost is included in the student fees you pay. Thereafter you will be charged .06 per page on your tuition bill.

  • Color copies will be charged to your student account. The color printer is located in BH 152. To get your print job, just talk to a lab assistant at the window. Costs are: Regular paper - $.25 per page, Heavy Bond - $.30 per page, Glossy and Transparencies - $1.00 per page.
  • A large plotter is available for class assignments at $2.50 per running foot. A smaller plotter also located in BH 152 can print any 11 x 17 jobs needed for class assignments at $0.13 for BW $.60 for color.

Student Computer & Email Accounts

Every student enrolled in at least one class at Oregon Tech automatically has a computer and email account created for them. The username format is generally: firstname.lastname. If someone else already has that username, your username will have a number added to the end such as 02 or 03. Please check with one of the lab assistants in Boivin Hall to verify what your username is if what you’re trying is not working. Your default password is in the format of: <first initial><last initial><last four digits of your social security number> For example, Josh Moore with a social security number of 555-05-1234 would use a password of jm1234. The helpdesk at 885-1470 can reset your password, if that is necessary.

The direct link to your Oregon Tech email account is: If you forget this address, you can also navigate to it through the Oregon Tech website at, but it has quite a few steps. Click on Login. Type in your username and password and click on Login. On the left side of the screen, click on the My Oregon Tech home link. Under the Related Links area, click on the email login link.

Changing your Password

Your computer login password and your email password are linked. If you change one, it automatically changes the other. The best way to change your password is to log into an Oregon Tech computer and press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys at the same time. Click on Change Password. Type your old password and then type a new password in the appropriate fields. Click OK. A message will be displayed telling you it was changed or telling you if there was a problem with changing your password.

If you forget your password, ask one of the lab assistants in the Boivin Hall computer labs to reset it for you. They will need to see your student id card to verify you are a student.

Network Space

Every Oregon Tech student is given space on a network server to save documents. It is labeled S drive. Each student also has 50 Mb for email on the email server.

Students in some classes that have large files to work with such as Autocad drawings will also be given additional network space on the I drive. If you are one of these students, your instructor will let you know that you have been given space on the I drive. (The instructors give a list of students who need this space to ITS each term.) Since the I drive is set up for students in particular classes, the space is cleared out at the end of the term. Please be sure to move any documents you need past this time to another location.

Web for Student (class registration program)

To register for classes at Oregon Tech, you use the Web for Student program. The initial password for this program is your date of birth and your username is your student id number.

If you forget your password, please contact the Registrar’s office at 885-1300. They will need to have you come in and show your student id card before they will change your password. If you are an online education student, call them to find out how they can change your password without coming in.

To get to the Web for Student program, go to Click on the Online Communities link on the left side. Select MyOIT Logins from the pull down menu. Click the link labeled “Web for Student.” Login with your username and password as described on the screen and click Login.

Online Courses

If you have signed up for a course at Oregon Tech, access will automatically be granted to Blackboard, our online learning software.  You may access your online courses or courses with supplemental materials stored in Blackboard by logging in to MyOIT

Contacting ITS

If you have any questions about your computer accounts, please contact the ITS operations area by:


OfficeBoivin Hall 152, during lab hours (above)