Digital Telephones

If you wish to learn more about the features provided by digital phones, see the how-to section for digital phones.

2420 Digital Telephone

The 2420 Digital telephone has the following features:

  1. avaya2420-sMulti-line digital telephone for use with systems running Avaya Communication Manager
  2. 7 line x 29 character display
  3. No paper button labels - all buttons are labeled on the display
  4. 24 system call appearance/feature buttons
  5. Provides automated call tracking with 100-entry call log
  6. Provides access to 104 speed-dial numbers
  7. Can be maintained with most current enhancements through downloadable firmware
  8. Can be expanded with optional 1XU (E24), an expansion module with 24 call appearance feature buttons
  9. Requires 1151B1 power supply
  10. Use of Headset requires no additional components, adaptors or boxes

6408D+ Digital Telephone

The 6408D+ Digital set has the following features:

  1. 6408D8 programmable Call Appearance/feature buttons.
  2. 2-line, 24-character LCD display.
  3. 4 "Soft Keys" for menu functions and 4 "Navigator" keys for Menu, Next, Previous and Exit.
  4. Fixed buttons for Conference, Transfer, Hold, Redial, Speaker and Mute.
  5. Built-in 2-way speakerphone.

8411 Digital Telephone

The 8411 Digital set has the following features:

  1. 8410-s10 call appearance/feature buttons
  2. 2-line, 24-character display
  3. 3 "Soft Keys" located under the display activate 12 different system features
  4. 2 way speakerphone
  5. 9 fixed feature buttons
  6. Adjunct port for speakerphones or headsets
For more information regarding the 8411 Digital Telephone set, please refer to the 

8434 Digital Telephone

The 8434 Digital set has the following features:

  1. 8434-s34 Call Appearance/feature buttons
  2. 2-line, 40-character display is not only informative, it's also extremely bright and easy to read.
  3. 5 "Soft Keys' located under the display can activate 15 different system features including Automatic Call Back, Call Forward, Call Park.
  4. 2-way speakerphone.

For more information regarding the 8434 Digital Telephone set, please refer to the Avaya Quick Reference Guide below.