Office Moves and Renovations

Are you planning some construction or renovation work in your office or building?

If so, please contact the Oregon Tech Telecommunications Services at (541-) 885-1728 to make arrangements to meet with Technicians and System Analysts before your work begins. Telecommunications coordinates all work on communications projects requiring design, coordination, estimates, and interpretation of standards.

You should contact our office if you are planning any of the following:

  • Remodeling space
  • Changing the function of a space
  • Rearranging office furniture systems within a space (especially modular furniture!!!)
  • Constructing new spaces

Such projects often involve adding to or modifying the communications pathways from a room to Oregon Tech's communications servers over which the following types of communications take place:

  • Voice - Phones, FAX, Modems, Video Conferencing, Monitoring Systems, Alarms
  • Data - Computers, Printers, Instrumentation (Network Services and Telecommunications both install wiring and use the same facilities, Telecommunications activates the Voice, and Network Services the data side)

Improper work or work that is not done in compliance with Oregon Tech specifications may have to be redone, sometimes at considerable expense to you, or may create difficulties for others using the Oregon Tech's communications system. Unauthorized installations are frequently found to be in violation of safety and installation code standards, and may be removed upon discovery. A service charge will be assessed for equipment removal and reinstallation, as well as for repair to any damaged property.

All relocations or extensions of telephone sets must be coordinated through the Telecommunications Services. Departments may not connect telephone sets/devices to the University telephone system without authorization.

The installation of wire, cable, or jacks must be coordinated through Telecommunications Services. Any cable or wiring installed by a department that is found to be out of compliance with the Oregon Tech standards will be ordered for correction at the user's expense.