Before reporting a trouble to ITS Telecommunications, please take a few minutes to do some simple troubleshooting. Then call the the Help Desk (5-1470) to report any problems. When calling to report a phone problem have the following information ready: 

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Campus location
  • What type of problem you are experiencing
Below are some simple troubleshooting tips that we ask you to try before you call us for help.

Trouble Shooting Digital Sets

  • Do not try to swap Digital Sets
  • Has there been a power surge or has the electric power been off in the building?
  • Is the digital display working? Check to see if the on/off button has accidentally been pressed.
  • Do the line buttons (and the associated lights) on the body of the set work?
  • Are all cords plugged firmly into each modular unit or is anything loose or wobbly?
Single line set, fax, modem

No dial tone

  • Is set plugged into appropriate jack
  • Try a different phone in your jack
  • Try a different line cord
  • Check all connections

Can't be heard, but you can hear caller 

  • Try a different phone in your jack
  • Try a different hand set cord
  • Check all connections

Can't make off-campus calls 

  • Dial "9" before dialing the rest of the number
  • Authorization code for long distance charges not active

Not receiving incoming calls

  • Make sure ringer is turned up
  • Check all connections
  • Make sure that Send All Calls and Call Forwarding have been deactivated.