Check Outgoing Messages

The Outgoing Mailbox stores messages created or forwarded by users until the message can be delivered to the intended recipient. It also stores header information of messages that have been sent. AUDIX will tell you if the message was received and listened to.

Review Outgoing Messages
Press 4
Listen to Header
Press 0 and listen to message if message has not been delivered
Press # to skip to next header or *D to delete
Re-Send Filed Messages to New Recipients
Press 4
Press 1
Press #
Enter recipient's extension and press #. Repeat for more than one extension.
Press # to send message
Modify an Undelivered Message and Send as Addressed
Press 4
Press 1, 1 to record
Press 1 to stop
Press # to send

Note: If AUDIX is giving you a "full mailbox message", you might check your Outgoing Messages/File Cabinet and delete any unnecessary files.