Getting Started

Getting Started With Your AUDIX

Logging In - Must use a touch tone phone

  1. Dial 5-0500 (from a campus phone) or 885-0500 (from an off campus phone)
  2. Enter your five digit extension and then #
  3. Press the last four digits of your extension and then # for your password ( the last four digits of your extension and then # is your password the first time you log in, it is only a temporary password)
  4. You will be asked to record your name. Press 1 then press # to approve.

NOTE: You must be logged into AUDIX to access any of the following features.

Creating Your Password - Must be at least 3 and no more than 15 numbers

You may not use your phone number, the same digits, digits in consecutive ascending or descending order as your password. Example: 12345, 54321, or 44444

  • Press 5, to select Subscriber Administration Activity
  • Press 4, to change your password
  • Enter your new password and then press #
  • Enter your new password again for confirmation, and then press #

Recording your personal greeting - if you want one greeting for all calls

  1. Dial 5-0500 (from a campus phone), enter extension number #, and your password #
  2. Press 3 to select the Personal Greeting Activity
  3. Press 1 to record or rerecord your greeting. Select greeting number 1-9
  4. Start recording your greeting
  5. Press 1 when you finish recording your greeting
  6. Press 2 3 if you wish to listen to your greeting before approving it or *D to delete it
  7. Press # to approve your greeting
  8. Press 3 to select your personal greeting for use, enter
  9. greeting number, or press N to select the system greeting
  10. Press 1 to activate your greeting and press 4 for call type

Getting Your Messages - if you hear a stutter dial-tone when you pick up your receiver, you have messages

  1. Log in: dial 5-0500, enter extension #, and password #
  2. Press 2 to get your messages
  3. Press 0 to listen to the message
  4. Press *D to delete the message or  # to save

Call Coverage - "Send all calls"

  1. Pick up receiver, wait for dial-tone, press *8 to send your calls to AUDIX immediately without ringing in your room
  2. Pick up receiver, wait for dial-tone, press #88 to deactivate "Send all calls"

TO REPLY IMMEDIATELY TO AN INCOMING MESSAGE - to reply with a Voice Mail message with attaching a copy of the original message.

  1. Listen to the message (press 2 then 0)
  2. Press 1 7 to reply to the caller without a copy of the original message or 1 9 to attach a copy of the message
  3. Record your message
  4. Press * * # to stop recording, approve, and send immediately

To Forward The Message With Your Comments

  1. Listen to the message
  2. Press 1 2 to begin recording
  3. Record your comments
  4. Press # to stop recording and approve your comment/s or press 1 to edit
  5. Enter the recipients extension, and then press #
  6. Press # for AUDIX to send the message immediately