The Out-Calling Option allows AUDIX to call you wherever you may be (locally) when you have new messages. When AUDIX receives a message, it will try to call the stipulated number every 15 minutes until you call into AUDIX and retrieve your messages. This option may be very expensive if you set out-calling to a cellular phone and forget to remove out calling before you go on vacation.

Schedule Out-Calling

    * Press 6
    * Press 2
    * Follow verbal instructions:
          o To be called anytime
          o To be called during prime time
          o To specify Out-Calling time
          o To listen to scheduling restrictions

Change Out-Calling Number

    * Press 6
    * Press 1
    * Enter the new number (including 9) and press #

Note: If you want AUDIX to pause while you're entering the Out-Calling number, press * one or more times - AUDIX will pause 1.5 seconds for each *

Note: If you give the number of your pager, and your pager requires a # as the final digit, begin your number with ##. For example, if you want to dial 1234567 and wait three seconds for a second dial tone, and then dial 124#, you would enter ##1234567**124#
Turn Out-Calling on/off

    * Press 6
    * Press Y(9) to turn on, Press N(6) to turn off

Note: Your Out-Calling number is not erased when you turn Out-Calling off. You can always turn it on again without adding a new number.