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Documents & Files

Documents & Files

Content: Documents & Files

Documents & Files used by the website are stored under the Content section of the website admin. Under Content, there is a Documents & Files section that holds all documents the Oregon Tech website uses. The Documents & Files section is organized into folders for holding/organizing files.

To get to the Documents & Files section, first click on the Content heading and then click Images & Document in the drop-down menu.

This page provides tutorials on:

  1. Inserting Documents in Pages
  2. Working with Documents

Inserting Documents on a Page

Basic Editor Choose Advanced
Document Manger Editor

Documents & Files can be published on a webpage with the help of the Content block widget. Click the More Formatting options to open up advanced menu option of the content editor. Under the Document Manager icon you may publish a link to an existing file/document or upload and publish a link to a new document from your computer.

Note: Use the Document List widget if multiple documents/files need to published.

Note: Use the Document Link widget to publish a single document.

Publish Document From Your Computer:

  1. Select the From your computer option.
  2. Click Select... next to the "Which document or other file to upload?" option.
  3. Find the file you wish to upload using the Operating System's file explorer.
  4. Once the file is selected under "What title to display for this document" type the display title for the document hyperlink.
  5. Once the document has a title, click Select a library option.
  6. Choose the appropriate location under the department for the document to be published under.
  7. Choose the Insert the document or other file option.
  8. Click the Save button.
Insert Document

Publish Document Already Uploaded:

  1. Select the From already Uploaded option.
  2. If you know the name of the Document/File you can use the search option. If not, select the correct department from the list located on the right hand side of the documents screen. Note: the most recently uploaded Documents & Files will be shown under the search bar.
  3. Select the Document/File you wish to publish and click the Insert the document or other file button.
  4. Click the Done button.
  5. Edit the text of the file linked:
    1. Right click the hyperlink and select Properties.
    2. Underneath the "Text to display" enter your desired text.
    3. Select the Insert the link option and the hyperlink will be updated to the new text.
  6. Click the Save button.

Working with Documents & Files

Create a Library

Most users will find that a library (folder) has already been created for their department. However, additional organization of documents & files may be desired.

As established permissions permit, Sitefinity allows sub-folders to be created within a library. In the appropriate department library, you can click the Create a library button at the top of the screen.

Replace Existing Document

To update a document that is already uploaded in your document library, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Document library where the file has been uploaded to. If you don't know where the file is saved, follow the path of the document URL (hover over hyperlink on live site) and you will see the folder(s) and file name in link extension.
    Ex. http://www.oit.edu/docs/default-source/public-relations-docs/web-guidelines.pdf?sfvrsn=6
  2. Click the Title of the document to edit the properties.
  3. Click Replace the file button, under the Title field.
  4. Follow the steps to either drag & drop or select your replacement document.
  5. After the new file appears, click Publish.