Website Structure Pane

The website structure pane displays the hierarchical view of all pages in the sitemap. You can view all pages in the website, but will only be able to edit pages you have access to edit.



A preview of the page selected in the website structure pane is displayed.


A list of admin privileges including Delete, Duplicate, Create a child page, Content, Title & Properties, and Revision History.

Title & Properties

General information about the page such as page title, browser title, keywords, description, and URLs.

Revision History

Displays a list of previously published versions of the page. These versions can be viewed, and older versions can be restored by selecting Revert to this version.

Page Editing

When you are editing a page, the following buttons appear at the top of the page:



When you click "Publish", your changes to the document are made "live". You no longer need to follow the steps to: Save, Send for Approval, Approve, and Publish.

Save as Draft

After clicking "Save as Draft", your changes are saved and checked in allowing other users to edit the page. Draft pages are not publicly visible on the website.


You can see a preview of the page by clicking "Preview" button in the toolbar. The preview of the page is not a fully functioning page as it will appear on the live site. Use it to get an overall idea of how the page will look like.

More Actions

There are new options available under this drop down menu. You can Discard Draft, Publish/Unpublish on Specific Date, Delete the page, or Preview for Smartphones & Tablets. The last option is particularly useful to understand how mobile viewers will see your page content. The procedure explanations below are directly from Sitefinity Documentation and can be viewed for additional information.

  • Discard Draft - This link is available only when you have opened a page or content item in status Draft (newer than published). When you click it you delete the created draft and leave only the published version.
  • Publish/Unpublish on Specific Date - A window opens, where you use the Publication date or Date to Unpublish input fields to schedule a publishing and expiration (if any) date and time for the content item or page. When you select the dates, click Schedule. The content item or page is assigned status Scheduled.
    Note: You can also set a publication date in the past. If you do this the item is assigned status Published.
  • Delete - A dialog box appears where you must confirm the deletion.
  • Preview for Smartphones & Tablets - Choose a device (Ex. iPhone 4) to view how it will display your web page. Viewing on a mobile device helps you author and structure content, giving the highest priority information the top of your page or left-hand column.