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Title & Properties

Edit a page


This is what will be used as the URL for the page. Example: If you create a page with the name “Dinners” under “Campus Life”, the URL would automatically be generated as: ~/campus-life/dinners

Put This Page...

This establishes where in the sitemap the webpage will be placed. By default, Under parent page... is selected, which places the page directly underneath current page group.


Used to change the name of the page in the URL structure. This can be useful to shorten the name of page as shown "Working with Widgets" has been changed to "Widgets"

Additional URLs

Used to set a web page under multiple URL names. Also referred to as a shortened redirect URL.

Show in navigation

Determines whether the page will display in the Sidebar Navigation.



Title for search engines

The Title field will display in the top bar of the browser. In the below example, the Title is "Working with Widgets." The title also displays in search engine results (Google, Yahoo!, Bing).


Description & Keywords


A brief (150 characters or less) description of the page contents. This will not appear anywhere visible on the page, but is used by search engines to help rank pages. Therefore, it should be human-readable and 1-2 sentences in length.


A list of words/phrases that are used in the page that describe what the page is about. These are used by search engines to help rank pages and make them easier to find for users.