Seth Anthony

Seth Anthony

Seth Anthony, Director - Office of Academic Excellence


I joined the faculty of the Natural Sciences Department at Oregon Tech in 2011, and was promoted to associate professor in 2016. My teaching responsibilities center around teaching chemistry for Oregon Tech's awesome engineering students (in programs such as mechanical, electrical, and renewable energy engineering, but I also teach and advise students in the Environmental Sciences major.

Meet Seth


  • Ph.D., Colorado State University, 2014
  • M.S., Colorado State University, 2011
  • B.A., North Carolina State University, 2004


Courses I regularly teach:

  • Fall term: CHE 201 - General Chemistry I
  • Winter term: CHE 202 - General Chemistry II
  • Spring term: CHE 260 - Electrochemistry for Renewable Energy Applications

Other courses I have occasionally taught or co-taught in recent years:

  • CHE/PHY/ENGR 305 - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • ENV 226 - Environmental Data Analysis
  • CHE 407 - Chemistry Research
  • REE 333 - Batteries

Test tubes containing colored solids.

(Above: Images from a laboratory module on precipitation reactions that I developed during my doctoral work at Colorado State University. I'm particularly excited about developing laboratory experiments and course activities that allow stude​nts to reason from evidence to molecular-level descriptions of what atoms, ions, and other microscopic particles are doing!)

Other Activities:

  • Advisor, Chemistry Minor - Oregon Tech created a chemistry minor in 2013, and the first students graduated with this minor in Spring 2014. I'm the lead advisor for the chemistry minor -- come talk to me about the requirements and about courses being offered that can count towards the minor!
  • Interim Director, Office of Academic Excellence (2017-2018 academic year). In this administrative role, I support Oregon Tech's activities in academic assessment, general education (including rollout of the new Essential Studies general education model), and faculty development.

Recent Conference Presentations

Seth Anthony. “Metacognitive monitoring judgments across diverse chemistry contexts and tasks.” 254th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, August 2017.

P.J. VanEmmerik, Lance Lammers, Tessaundra Sidden, Brandon Schmidt, Matthew Beekman, Burton Clark, and Seth Anthony. “Antimicrobial efficacy of ultrasmall silver nanoclusters.” 76th Annual Meeting of the Oregon Academy of Science, Corvallis, OR, February 2017.

Tami Carmichael, Seth Anthony, Wesley Barker, and Catherine Price. “Evidence-Based Reasoning: STIRS Framework as an Exemplar of Integrative Liberal Education.” (panel presentation) American Association of Colleges & Universities General Education and Assessment Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, February 2017.


Seth Anthony*, Kerry Byrne, and Travis Lund. “Metacognitive monitoring judgments across diverse chemistry and STEM contexts.” 24th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Greeley, CO, August 2016.

Travis Lund, Seth Anthony, and Kerry Bryne. “Effects of concept mapping on student performance, metacognitive abilities, and attitude toward chemistry.” 24th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Greeley, CO, August 2016.

Seth Anthony and Matt Beekman. “Development of an interdisciplinary junior-level nanoscience course for science and engineering majors with active learning components.” 71st Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Anchorage, AK, June 2016.

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Seth Anthony*. “Why do they think they know? Exploring a conceptual/algorithmic divide in students’ judgments of confidence.” 23rd Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Grand Valley, MI, August 2014.

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