Alla Powers

Alla Powers

Alla Powers, Special Collections Librarian

 LRC 212

I am a Special Collections Librarian at Oregon Tech. I work with unique collections of materials in the Shaw Historical Library, University Archives and Geo-Heat Collection. I organize and process the materials we have to make them available and visible to researchers and anyone interested in history. I also contribute to our digital collections. My other duties include working with students and faculty in my liaison departments and providing assistance at the Help Desk.

Prior to Oregon Tech I worked in public libraries in Klamath Falls and in my home country, Russia. I used my knowledge of the English language to lead tours around my hometown’s National Library (often to groups of foreigners), and promoted our English language books to the interested public on the local TV. My experience includes assisting with research projects, evaluating information and citing sources. My expertise is Humanities and Social Sciences. I am very interested in how different generations of researchers search for and assess information.


  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Research Methods
  • Grant Seeking Strategies

Liaison Departments 

I work closely with the faculty in my liaison departments to schedule tailored information literacy classes and to evaluate the library collections in their areas of expertise.  I always try to address their needs in acquiring materials for their classes and creating online educational resources such as Subject Guides.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Arts
  • Psychology

I can help with...

  • Working with digital collections
  • Citing sources in APA and MLA