At the start of the 2019 academic year, the Oregon Tech Library in Klamath Falls upgraded study rooms LRC 113 and LRC 211 to meet the needs of students and staff alike.

LRC 113, which was once the library computer lab, was transitioned into a large, free-use group study room. This year, the library has taken a step further and turned LRC 133 into the best group presentation room on campus. In addition to the white-board tables and old-school projector, the room now has a new projector system, with HDMI and wireless connections to project the content on your laptop onto the TV in the room. The port built into the center of the table has cords that allow you to switch easily between laptops, and that stay in the room, so you won’t need to bring your own or check out cords ever again!

If you have a group presentation coming up, and this room seems perfect for you, act fast! The room is now available by reservation only; you can make reservations at the front desk of the library. Check the schedule online here or come into the library and ask us about the room’s availability!

With LRC 113 taking on the role as the new group study/presentation room, LRC 211 has been upgraded from a generic study room to a high-tech conference room. LRC 211 boasts a new 360 camera that detects and follows the voice of anyone talking. The camera is great for skype, facetime, and other video conference calls, and can be plugged in or synced to any device using the webcam Wi-Fi. The room no longer has a desktop, but it still has a white-board table, so it can act as a study room in addition to a conference room. Reserving room 211 is the same as it has been in the past: you can check the schedule online or in the library and make reservations and check out the key at the front desk.

Check out our new and improved study rooms today! We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to help us continue to provide students with the best study spaces possible.