Do you have books out?
No way to return them?
That is ok.
You can keep checked out materials until 6/12/2020. We ran a program to update dues dates and it should be fixed for you. If you see that you have an item with a due date earlier than mid June, please email us at to get that updated. 

You can check your due dates under my account

If we have something you want, you can request it be mailed to you:

Follow these steps to get Oregon Tech library items sent to your home.
1. Go to
2. Search Find books, articles and more for your topic. 
3. When you see something you want to request click on the title.
4. Select request above the availability options. If there is no request option, click on sign in for more options.
5. Select Home delivery for pick up location. If we do not have a home address, this will not be an option. You can select another option such as work address.
6. Write your address in the comments area. This will help us get the book to the correct place. 
7. Click request.
We will get your items to you as soon as we can. Currently someone is processing items twice a week in Klamath Falls, and as needed at the Portland Metro Campus. We will send you an email when the item is checked out to you and on its way.