Access to Library Databases


With the change in the Oregon Tech authentication method in the Summer of 2016, it is a little more awkward to access the Libraries' databases.

The easiest way to access databases now, is to first go to:

Put in your Oregon Tech ID number for the username. Your password is the same as for Canvas. If you have any access problems, please contact Karen Kunz.

This will give you a listing of our databases but if you'd like something a little easier to look at with links to more information about the databases, go to: in the same browser. Once authenticated in a particular browser, you shouldn't have to authenticate again no matter how many databases you visit -- as long as you stay in that browser.

This procedure is not the same as the one your students will use. They have been set up as an Oregon Tech student and can just click on the link in the A-Z database page.

The library has access to several databases dedicated to high school students that do not show up in our A-Z list. You can browse the collections of EBSCOhost and Gale to locate them.

Note: For those who are comfortable with URL links, you can change the links in the A-Z list to a direct link for dual credit instructors by adding "auth=basic&" (without the quotes) to the A-Z URLs in between "login?" and "url=". Be certain to use the A-Z URLs as URLs from the databases themselves are not the same and can cause problems in access.

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