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Academic Complete   
Academic Complete offers students, researchers, and faculty both breadth and depth of scholarly e-books in many subject areas from physical sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Academic Search Complete   
This multi-disciplinary database provides full text for more than 4,650 journals, including full text for more than 3,900 peer-reviewed titles. PDF backfiles to 1975 or further are available for well over one hundred journals, and searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,000 titles. This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study.

Academic Video Online (AVON)
This is a collection of over 66,000 video titles spanning a wide range of subject areas such as: business, counseling, health, engineering, or psychology. You will find videos of lectures, of trainings, of demonstrations, from documentaries, and from TV. Most films include limited public performance rights<

Indexes more than 5,000 professional and technical publications including books, serials, audiovisual, and other materials. Covers all aspects of agriculture from 1970 - present.

Alternative Health Watch 
This alternative health database provides full text for more than 140 publications in the collection, including full text for many peer-reviewed journals. Provides in-depth coverage across the full spectrum of subject areas covered by complementary and alternative medicine dating back to 1990.

American Doctoral Dissertations 
Includes bibliographic citations for more than 153,000 theses and dissertations. Full text links provided when available. Covers 1902 - present.

Applied Science and Technology
Some full-text. Indexes international and English-language periodicals, covering chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, computer technology, and energy-related disciplines. Includes articles, interviews, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, new product reviews/announcements, and more. Covers 1983 - present.

ArchiveGrid provides online access to nearly a million descriptions of archival collections held by thousands of libraries, museums, historical societies and archives worldwide. ArchiveGrid is an important destination for searching for historical documents, personal papers and family histories held in archives. Students, faculty, librarians, genealogists, scholars, researchers and authors all can discover primary source information and their locations faster than ever before. Additionally, they can discover important content that may be hidden or hard to find with usual search methods on the open Web.

Includes bibliographic citations from more than 15,000 journals, including science, technology, medicine, social sciences, business, the humanities and popular culture. Covers 1990 - present.

ASCE Library    
Provides full-text of over 73,000 papers from American Society of Civil Engineering journals and proceedings. Allows you to locate articles across all areas of civil engineering. Approximately 4,000 new papers will be added yearly.

ASM Handbooks   
Provides a full-text resource for anyone who works with metals and materials. Includes the complete content of 21 ASM Handbook volumes plus 2 ASM Desk Editions.

ASME Digital Library   
Access to ASME's Transaction Journals from 1960 to the present.

Biological & Agricultural Index Plus   
Indexes core literature of biology and agriculture, much of it from peer-reviewed journals. Subjects covered include botany, environmental sciences, health, life sciences, medicine, and zoology. Covers 1983 - present.

Business Economics and Theory  
Offers a strong emphasis on titles covered in the EconLit bibliographic index. This content is useful for starting a business, marketing a product, developing policy, analyzing trends, constructing economic models, investing for the future, researching rates, and more.

Business Insights   
Business Insights: Global is a unique source for international business intelligence offering the most comprehensive and convenient way to find case studies, in-depth statistical data coupled with deep research, and the ability to compare global economies, countries and industries.

Business Source Complete   
Provides full text for more than 1,100 journals covering business, management, economics, finance, banking, accounting, and much more. Try the Business Searching Interface that has been specifically designed to enable Business Source Premier users to take advantage of its divers database content.

Chronicle of Higher Education   
The No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators. The Chronicle’s web site is published every weekday and features the complete contents of the latest issue; daily news and advice columns; thousands of current job listings; an archive of previously published content; vibrant discussion forums; and career-building tools such as online CV management, salary databases, and more.

Focus is on patients so use CINAHL when you need to find information on how people and medicine interact. For example, management of patients, assessments, or clinical practices. CINAHL will give you fewer allied health related articles than Medline, but more full-text. It provides full text for more than 520 nursing & allied health journals indexed in CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature). Dating back to 1982.

Cochrane Library  
The Cochrane Library is a collection of databases that contain high-quality, independent evidence for inform healthcare decision-making. Cochrane Library is primarily used for its database of systematic reviews. Use this when looking for evidence-based information. It also has many clinical trial articles, technology assessments, and economic evaluations. The Cochrane Library consists of: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Cochrane Reviews); Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (Other Reviews); Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (Clinical Trials); Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews (Methods Reviews); The Cochrane Methodology Register (Methods Studies); Health Technology Assessment Database (Technology Assessments); NHS Economic Evaluation Database (Economic Evaluations). 

College Navigator   
Developed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) within the Institute of Education Sciences. This free online database allows you to search by programs offered, degrees offered, institution type, price, selectivity, distance from home, school size, institutional mission, extended learning opportunities for adults, and intercollegiate athletics programs offered. You can also compare up to four institutions in one view, and maintain a list of favorite institutions from different searches.

Citations and Abstracts only. Includes more than 28,000 article and book abstracts and bibliographic records from the professional literature of the communication field.

Communication & Mass Media Complete    
Some full-text. Provides research solutions in areas related to communication and mass media; for students, researchers, and educators. Some of the articles are indexed without including full text, but there is also a significant amount of full text available. This database originated with the acquisition and subsequent merging of CommSearch (formerly produced by the National Communication Association) and Mass Media Articles Index (formerly produced by Pennsylvania State University).

Communications and Mass Media     
Full-text. A custom collection of more than 250 journals focused on all aspects of the communications field: key subjects covered include advertising and public relations, linguistics, and literature. Covers from 1980 to the present.

Computer Science     
Provides access to leading business and technical publications in the computer, telecommunications, and electronics industries. Provides information on computer-related product introductions, news and reviews in areas like hardware, software, electronics, engineering, communications, and the application of technology.

Country Studies    
Description from web site: contains the on-line versions of books previously published in hard copy by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Army. The Country Studies Series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world and examines the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors. Because the original intent of the Series' sponsor was to focus primarily on lesser known areas of the world or regions in which U.S. forces might be deployed, the series is not all-inclusive. At present, 102 countries and regions are covered. Notable omissions include Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and other Western nations, as well as a number of African nations. The date of information for each country appears on the title page of each country and at the end of each section of text.

CQ Researcher    
Includes the weekly 44 issues per year of CQ Researcher, which provides a balanced, in-depth analysis of contemporary, controversial topics of the day. Each issue is written by a veteran journalist, and includes pro and con arguments by experts, a chronology, and annotated bibliography. Covers from 1991 present.

CQ Weekly    
CQ Reports on Congress weekly. It covers virtually every act of Congress, delivering nonpartisan news and analysis. Search by topic, page number, committee, "exact phrases or words," bill number, byline or reporter and by Boolean full-text and date searches.

Credo Reference    
Credo Reference is a giant online reference library that provides you with access to a selection of reference books. Credo Reference includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and books of quotations, not to mention a range of subject-specific titles covering everything from art to accountancy and literature to law.

Data for Local Communities (Oregon) 
Is a service of the Orbis Cascade Alliance. It is a gathering place for statistical, spatial, and descriptive information about the cities, counties and other civil, economic, and natural regions of Oregon. You can use the LocalData database to retrieve web-based information by topic and geography. The Additional Resources database provides links to geospatial data and other organizational web sites.

EBook Central    

EBSCOhost eBook Collection   
Selected books full text online. This collection consists of a wide variety of books including computer science, engineering, health sciences, communications and more. It also includes books well-reviewed in Choice, an academic book review journal. Learn more about using these books.

Educator's Reference Complete    
Contains more than 1,100 periodicals and 200 reports from the U.S. Department of Education. Provides full-text results for nearly half of the journal titles found in ERIC. Covers multiple levels of education from preschool to college, educational specialties such as technology, bilingual education, health education, and testing and issues in administration, funding and policy. Cover 1980 - present.

Engineering Village  
Databases and information sources include: EI Compendex Web, with references and abstracts to more than 5,000 engineering journals, conferences, and technical reports from 1969 - present; U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent database; Esp@cenet (European Patent Office database); Techstreet database of industry standards and specifications; CRC Press engineering handbooks (ENGnetBASE); and Scirus, a science-specific search engine that searches through more than 167 million science-specific web pages. From Elsevier Engineering Information, Inc.

Provides insights, tips, strategies, and success stories for business schools and entrepreneurs.

Environmental Studies and Policy (Gale OneFile)
Covers journals and reference content from Delmar and diverse perspectives from the scientific community, governmental policymakers, and corporate interests.

ERIC, the Educational Resource Information Center, provides access to education literature and resources. The database provides access to information from journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and Resources in Education Index. ERIC provides full text of more than 2,200 digests along with references for additional information and citations and abstracts from over 1,000 educational and education-related journals. Covers 1910 - present.

European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750  
Index only. For libraries, scholars and individuals interested in European works that relate to the Americas. Based on the authoritative bibliography "European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed in Europe Relating to The Americas, 1493-1750", it contains more than 32,000 entries and is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750. It covers the history of European exploration as well as portrayals of Native American peoples. A wide range of subject areas are covered; from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and slavery. A free database from EBSCO Publishing in collaboration with the John Carter Brown Library.

Faulkner's Advisory for IT Studies    
Contains a virtual library of clearly-written reports covering such key technology areas as IT infrastructure, telecom, data networking, wireless communications, security, enterprise systems, the Internet and World Wide Web, as well as technology vendors. In addition, FAITS has convenient links to major online technology and business news resources such as NewsFactor, TechWeb, CBS MarketWatch,TechNewsWorld, CNN Asia, BBC, and Yahoo!. The service also provides direct links to a wealth of online bibliographic resources for topics in business, computer science, education, health sciences, humanities, math and science, and the social sciences.

Faulkner's Security Management Practices    
Provides security-oriented reports that discuss critical security topics and issues. These reports cover facility security, IT and network security, financial and legal security, business continuity, biometrics, risk and crisis management, public safety, personnel security, and security technology. Access also to CSO Digest, a weekly electronic news digest summarizing all major security industry news, events, and happenings.

Gale Academic OneFile    
Gale's Academic OneFile has extensive coverage of the sciences, technology, medicine, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects. It has nearly 13,000 titles, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals and more than 5,000 in full-text.

Gale General OneFile    
Lots of full text. Magazines, peer-reviewed journals (3,600), newspapers, travel guides, even transcripts of National Public Radio programs since 1990. Use for general information or as a place to start when you don’t know what information is out there. Millions of full-text articles, many with images. Updated daily. Topics: business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology, and many general interest topics. Covers 1980 to present.

Gale Virtual Reference Library    
Offers encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research in eBook format.

Gale OneFile: Business

Contains full-text coverage of all business disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy, and business theory and practice. Leading business and trade publications are updated daily.

Produced by the American Geological Institute, this database is a comprehensive geoscience resource covering subjects such as mineralogy and crystallography, general mineralogy, mineralogy of silicates, and mineralogy of non-silicates. Records from more than 3,000 journals, journal articles, books, maps, conference papers, reports, and theses are included in the database. Geology of North America is covered from 1785 to the present, and geology of the world is covered from 1933 to the present.

Google Scholar   

GPO Monthly Catalog 
Contains records for GPO-published books, congressional and agency reports and hearings, pamphlets, and more. Covers 1976 - present.

Index only. Comprised of scholarly and general interest titles, as well as government documents and reports, GreenFILE offers a unique perspective on the positive and negative ways humans affect the ecology. The total number of records is approximately 295,000, and full text is provided for more than 4,600 records from open access titles. This does not link up to our other EBSCOhost databases so you’ll need to check our Electronic Journals site ( to see if the library can provide full-text for any non-open access articles.

Health & Wellness Resource Center with Alternative Health Module    
Electronic reference books and journal articles on consumer and alternative health issues.

Health Reference Center Academic    
Full-text nursing and allied health journals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters and select consumer health information sources with full-text reference works and hundreds of health-related multimedia.

Health Source - Consumer Edition    
Provides full-text access to nearly 300 consumer health periodicals. In addition to full text, indexing and abstracts are provided for more than 300 periodicals. This database covers topics such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, drugs and alcohol, aging, fitness, nutrition and dietetics, children's health, and women's health. Full text dates back as far as 1985.

Health Source: Nursing / Academic Edition    
Provides full-text access to more than 550 scholarly journals, including more than 450 peer-reviewed journals focusing on many medical disciplines. Also featured are abstracts and indexing for more than 800 journals. Coverage of nursing and allied health is particularly strong. Full text dates back as far as 1975.

Hein Online    
Coverage of United States government publications is comprehensive back to inception. Contains more than 2,600 journals journals that date back to inception on a variety of subjects.

Information Science and Library Issues (Gale OneFile)  
Content for library science students, information science students, technology professionals, and others. Updated daily with articles covering all aspects of managing and maintaining information and technology, including usability, cataloging, circulation, business information, and more.

Klamath Waters Digital Library    
The Klamath Waters Digital Library premiered in January 2005, and continues content every week. The library is a centralized clearinghouse for information on water issues in the Klamath Basin. The library currently contains documents, reports, maps and images dealing primarily with the Upper Klamath Basin. Our future plans include providing materials on the Lower Klamath Basin, and expanding into other formats such as GIS, video and audio.

Learning Express    
Offers practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, etc.  Learning Centers include College Students (skills improvement for math, science, vocabulary, GRE, etc.); Computer Skills (Adobe Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop and Microsoft Office);  Job Search (Resumes and Interviewing); Jobs & Careers (info on jobs) ; and Skill Building for Adults (skills improvements for personal finance, public speaking, reading, writing, statistics, trigonometry, etc.)

Legal Collection    
Full text for more than 250 scholarly law journals. A source for information on current issues, studies, thoughts and trends of the legal world.

Legal Trac    
Indexing and some full-text to major law reviews, legal newspapers, bar association journals and international journals. Also contains law-related articles from additional business and general interest titles. 1980 – present.

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts  
Index only. LISTA provides coverage on subjects such as librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more. LISTA indexes nearly 600 periodicals plus books, research reports, and proceedings. With coverage dating back to the mid-1960s, it is the oldest continuously produced database covering the field of information science.

Literature Resource Center    
One of the most comprehensive literary databases, it includes full text biographical, bibliographical, and critical analysis of more than 10,000 authors from every time period and genre; works’ overviews and plot lines; useful websites; and a literary-historical timeline. It allows searching by author, title, keyword, and authors by type (literary movement, genre, gender or ethnicity).

MasterFILE Premier    
Provides full text for more than 2,000 general periodicals covering a broad range of disciplines including general reference, business, education, health, general science, multi-cultural issues and much more. In addition to the full text, this database provides indexing and abstracts for 2,700 titles. MasterFILE Premier offers PDF backfiles as far back as 1975 for key publications.


No full-text on its own – but there are lots of links to other database articles. Medline focuses on biomedical research. Use it when you need to find research information on interactions, effects, diagnoses, behaviors, etc. Includes thousands of records with substantial abstracts that cover all areas of medicine, including dentistry and nursing, from 1965 - present.

Mergent Intellect   

Military & Government Collection   
Provides cover-to-cover full text for nearly 300 journals and periodicals offering current news pertaining to all branches of the military.

National Climatic Data   
Includes access to Monthly Climatic Data for the World (MCDW); Storm Data (SD); Local Climatological Data, Edited (LCD); Climatological Data (CD); Hourly Precipitation Data (HPD); Monthly Normals (Climatography of the U.S. #81); Heating and Cooling Degree Day Data (HCS 5-1 & 5-2); Climate Maps of U.S. (PDF format); Climates of the World (PDF format); Wind Climatology (PDF format); Freeze/Frost data for the U.S. (PDF format), Selected Freeze/Frost Maps.

New York Times   

News (Gale OneFile)   
Provides access to major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers as well as leading titles from around the world.

Newspaper Source   
Provides cover-to-cover full text for more than 40 U.S. & international newspapers; contains selective full text for 389 regional (U.S.) newspapers;and full text television & radio news transcripts
Nursing and Allied Health    
Includes full-text titles cited in CINAHL to support specialized care, treatment, and patient management.

Nursing Resource Center    
Index of nursing and allied health journals, drug and disease overviews, care plans, reference materials, videos, assessments, diagnostic content and other material to support research. Clearly defined tabs, based on the steps that nurses take when they care for their patients are: Disease Overviews (definitions, diagnoses, treatments, prognoses, etc.); Assessments (hands-on tips); Diagnostics (overviews of tests, patient prep, normal and abnormal results); Interventions (procedures and the skills needed to perform them); Drug Overviews (Displays monographs from 2008 PDR for Nurses Drug Handbook for drugs that are used to treat a diagnosis, as well as those that are contraindicated); Care Plans (sample care plans); Multimedia (more than 300 short, dynamic animations of how diseases and conditions affect the human body or how body systems work).

A union catalog of more than 19 million digital resources from over 1,000 organizations developed by the University of Michigan.

Opposing Viewpoints   
Provides differing points of view on current issues. Arranged in a pro and con format. Sources include reference material, commentaries and viewpoints from experts, periodical and news articles, primary sources, statistics, and multimedia.

O'Reilly for Higher Education
Provides books online for programmers and IT professionals. You can search through all the technical books in the library to find specific information or read books from cover to cover. You can also browse by category. Examples of topics are XML, database information, and .Net.

Indexes to papers presented at conferences worldwide. Covers 1993 - present.

Provides tables of contents data for papers presented at conferences worldwide. Covers 1993 - present.

Professional Development Collection    
Designed for professional educators, this database provides a highly specialized collection of more than 750 full-text journals, including more than 350 peer-reviewed titles. In addition to full text, indexing and abstracting are provided for more than 900 journals. Dates as far back as 1965.

Covers the professional and academic literature in psychology and related disciplines including medicine, psychiatry, nursing, sociology, education, pharmacology, physiology, linguistics, anthropology, business, and law. Coverage is worldwide, and includes references and abstracts to over 1,900 journals and dissertations in more than 35 languages, and to book chapters and books in the English language. Some full-text articles are included. Popular literature is excluded. Chapter and book coverage from 1987 - present; journal coverage from 1872 - present. Updated weekly.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection    
This database provides coverage of nearly 550 full text journals, including more than 500 peer-reviewed titles. Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection covers topics such as emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods. Nearly every full text title included in this database is indexed in PsycINFO.

Psychology (Gale OneFile)   
Supports research in all fields of psychology: abnormal, biological, cognitive, comparative, developmental, personality, quantitative, social, and all areas of applied psychology.

No need to Log In! Anyone can access this free resource that is developed and maintained by the National Library of Medicine. Includes access to MEDLINE and to citations for selected articles in life science journals not included in MEDLINE. The searching interface may not be as easy as EBSCOhost’s MEDLINE but if you learn how to use PubMed, you can get the same results. No full-text articles but citations may include links to full-text articles from PubMed Central, publisher web sites, or Oregon Tech Library subscription databases if you go in via an Oregon Tech link. Subject matter includes Dental Hygiene, Imaging, Physical Therapy, etc. Limit searches by Clinical trials, RCT, Meta-analysis, Practice guidelines, etc. Content from the late 1940s to present.

Regional Business News    
Provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications. Indexes coverage of more than 80 regional business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.

Religion and Philosophy Collection    
This database provides extensive coverage of such topics as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. Religion & Philosophy Collection offers more than 300 full text journals, including more than 250 peer-reviewed titles, making it an essential tool for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies.

Sage Journals Online    
The SAGE Full-Text Collections are award-winning, discipline-specific research databases of the most popular peer-reviewed journals in Communication Studies, Criminology, Education, Health Sciences, Management & Organization Studies, Materials Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Urban Studies & Planning published by SAGE Publications and participating societies. These comprehensive databases include more than 246 journals, 240,000 articles, book reviews, and editorials, with all the original graphics, tables, and page numbers. The Collections provide researchers and students with a research environment that is easy to use and complete with the most up-to-date content and backfiles back to volume 1, issue 1.

Safari  (See O'Reilly for Higher Education)    

SciTech Connect 

Office of Scientific and Technical Information. Search 3+ million Department of Energy research results.

Small Business Resource Center (Gale Business - Entrepreneurship 
Learn how to start, finance or manage your small business. Resources include sample business plans, how to guides, articles and websites.

SMART (Imagebase)  
The Scientific & Medical ART Imagebase ("SMART Imagebase") provides a comprehensive collection of downloadable medical illustrations and animations. Ideal for students and teachers of Anatomy, Physiology, Biology and other Life Sciences, SMART Imagebase contains medical illustrations, animations, and interactive multimedia for 23 body systems/regions and 19 medical specialties.

Social Sciences Abstracts  
Indexes articles of at least one column in length from English-language periodicals published in the United States and elsewhere. Coverage includes a wide range of interdisciplinary fields covered in a broad array of social sciences journals. Subject covered include addiction studies, anthropology, area studies, community health and medical care, corrections, criminal justice, criminology, economics, environmental studies, ethics, family studies, gender studies, geography, gerontology, international relations, law, minority studies, planning and public administration, policy sciences, political science, psychiatry, psychology, public welfare, social work, sociology, and urban studies.

Springer Link 

Statistical Abstracts   
A comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Use the Abstract as a convenient place to find statistics, and as a guide to sources of more information both in print and on the Web.  

Taylor and Francis Journals 

Teacher Reference Center (TRC)  
An index of over 260 titles from the most popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and. It provides coverage on key education topics such as Assessment, Continuing Education, Current Pedagogical Research, Curriculum Development, Instructional Media, Language Arts, Literacy Standards, Science & Mathematics, and more for K-12 Teachers & Librarians. Offered free via the EBSCOhost platform.

Teaching Professor   
Once you log in, go to the Group Access button in the blue banner ribbon at the top of the page to access the newsletter.

Offers concise information to help faculty members teach more effectively. Topics include giving lectures, testing, planning courses, student passivity and working with teaching assistants.

U.S. History (Gale OneFile)  
Contains scholarly journals and magazines that can be used by novice historians as well as advanced academic researchers. A balanced coverage of events in U.S. history and scholarly work being established in the field.

Wiley Online Library   

World History (Gale OneFile)  
Provides access to scholarly journals and magazines for use by novice historians and advanced academic researchers. Offers balanced coverage of events in world history and scholarly work being established in the field.

WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat FirstSearch


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EBSCO E-books - Our main eBook collection.