Finding Images at the Oregon Tech Library

Creative Commons

This way of copyrighting photos, documents, music and videos allows the copyright holder to open up restrictions in some ways. For example an artist can copyright a photo to be "share alike" which means other people may use it, but they must also copyright it as "share alike." The following are some places you can find images with various creative commons licenses. Make sure to check the license on the image before you use it.

Public Domain

The public domain contains materials that are no longer under copyright. You may use these images without restrictions, however you still have to cite them.

Citation Example of the Image Below in MLA

Gnuckx. Piazza di Spagna. 2008. Italy-Roma, Rome, Italy. Flickr. Web. 14 Apr. 2011.

Image by Gnuckx on Found under a creative common

Contact me with questions about finding images you can use in your projects, and about how to attribute and cite those images.